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The Grass is Always Greener…When you Buy the Best Grass Seed!

grass seed This winter has been a really tough one. Between below zero temperatures, near-record snowfall, and the snowfall that has lasted from the beginning of November to the middle of April, our grass is suffering. My grass is brown, dead, and sparse. Not only does a good quality grass seed have the ingredients to make my grass look nice, it also is environmental friendly!

Many people are confused with how to use grass seed — we don’t know how often to put it on our grass, or how much to scatter. To resolve that, at, they have wonderful tutorial videos and information, to help make sure you know how to ensure your lawn is healthy and green all summer long! I have learned so much from visiting their website, and watching/reading all the information they have on grass seed.

grass seed Grass seed helps your lawn stay green and plush. When your grass is healthy, the soil will flourish, which will leave you with healthier grass the next year! I don’t think there is anything better than enjoying a nice, summer evening outside, barbecuing, and relaxing in the sun. A high quality grass seed will keep you enjoying your yard for many years to come!

There are also many different kinds of grass seeds. You might find one grass seed works better in areas that are walked on often, while another may do better in areas there is not much traffic. Grass seeds also vary with how much sun they need, and how much they need to be watered. Best Grass Seed  has a comparison chart explaining the differences between the strengths, weaknesses and necessities for each type of seed, so you can make sure you pick the best one for your lawn.

grass seed Something to also keep in mind is that there are different types of seeds for when you want to plant. Many seeds are best planted in the fall, when the air is cooler and very sufficient for growing some good quality grass. There are also some seeds best planted in the spring, these seeds are usually more low-maintenance, because of the rainfall that happens during the spring. Planting in the spring is better in warmer climates, and planting in the fall is better for the colder climates. No matter when you plant your seeds, it’s always best to plant with some compost as well, to help break in the soil and produce healthy grass. Using good grass seed is a great way to ensure your grass is greener than your neighbors!

There are many different options to select the best grass seed. When you want to plant, where you want to plant, and the amount of maintenance you would like to do should all be considered when purchasing grass seed. When visiting the Best Grass Seed website, you will find many tips, tricks, and things to consider when purchasing grass seeds. When you find your perfect product, I know your spring, summer, and fall will be filled with many good memories! There is nothing better than soaking up the sun, barbecuing, and relaxing in your nice fresh grass! Happy planting!


Going Green with Best LED Grow Lights

led grow lights A grow light or also known as plant light is a light source that is artificial in nature. It is generally an electric light that is designed in stimulating the growth of plants by producing an electromagnetic spectrum that is suitable for the process of photosynthesis. Grow lights are used in situations where there is a lack of naturally occurring sunlight that may be insufficient for plant growth. In order to sustain the growth of plants, an artificial light must be used. Grow lights mimic the outdoor conditions and the light spectrum of the sun, thus sustaining plant life and growth.

led grow lights 3LED Grow Lights as popularized by NASA’s potato cultivation experiment is commonly used today. It allows bright light production and its lights last longer. LED Grow Lights emit only light wavelengths that correspond to the peak of absorption of plant’s usual  photochemical processes. Recent experiments proved that using white LED for plant growth is also possible.



LED Grow Lights, a Good Candidate for New Summit Environmental News Blog

New Summit Environmental is a website which is an advocate for environment that promotes the utilization of environmentally safe products and practices through its informative blogs. This website presents actual steps of going green, therefore encouraging and teaching its readers to make a move in order to contribute to environmental care and preservation.

LED Grow Lights possess the quality of a good product that can contribute to the care of the environment through its artificial mimicking of the sunlight in order to sustain plant growth. It’s eco-friendly because it does not contain any harmful waste products that can damage the environment. Therefore, possessing such green qualities will make it a suitable candidate in the New Summit Environmental News Blog.

led grow lights 2What are some of the Best LED Grow Lights in the Market Today?

A wide array of LED Grow Lights which has different features and specifications has emerged in the market nowadays. Let’s take a glimpse on the best LED Grow Lights at present:

  • Urban Grow LED Grow Light. Urban Grow has designed this specifically for the cultivation of medical marijuana. It is a waterproof 3 spectrum system that is fully programmable through the use of Wifi devices. You can purchase this at the cost of $1,250.
  • G8LED 240 Watt LED Grow Light. It provides greater photosynthesis and plant growth through the addition of ultraviolet light and real infrared. This costs $319.99.
  • Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar. Has a wide coverage of six square feet that can radiate up to six bands. It is one of the most affordable LED Grow Lights at the cost of $278.95.
  • 20 Watt LED Grow Lights. It is energy efficient and very durable. The best thing about this is that it only cost $36.50.
  • TaoTronics TT-GL05 90W. It has a wide array of colour spectra of red, orange and blue. It has a fair price of $149.99.
  • Illuminator UFO 5-Band Tri-Spectrum. Can cover a range of as wide as sixteen square feet. It has a feature of peak targeting that provides high level photosynthesis. This costs $139.99.



Making Your Garden Zen

Making Your Garden Zen

There are many ways to make your garden more zen.  Many include the addition of items to your garden to bring about a better sense of equality and a sense of calm.  One can add a sound system to the garden hidden within various rock formations to camouflage the needed items.  One can also add bird feeders and such to the area to create a better habit for animals, but be sure to know how to keep squirrels out of the bird feeders.  One can also add a variety of shrubs and flowers to the area to make a more peaceful and relaxing place. Perhaps the addition of hammocks or seating can make the area more comfortable.

Some items that can he added to your garden to make it feel more zen are nice looking rock attire.  These rocks can be many shapes and sizes.  The more variety and more abundance of these rock formations the more zen your garden can look.  The application of loose pebbles in the walk ways and proper grooming of these pebbles can bring about a more calming and soothing environment for the enjoyer.  The large rock formations that can be added may have homemade touches or designs on them to elicit a family feeling with viewing them.

The addition of bird feeders to your garden can give a calming and zen feeling to the garden.  There many things to consider when choosing bird feeders.  You want to be sure you know how to keep squirrels out the bird feeders.  Squirrels can take all the food and leave the feeder empty for prospective birds in the area.  Squirrels can also potentially cause damage to the delicate flowers and shrubs within the garden.  It is important to know how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders.  Birds that graze on the bird feed can bring great life and variety to your garden.  The presence of birds can make the garden feel even more zen and peaceful.

The addition of a variety of shrubs and flowers of all different colors and textures can bring a new element to your zen garden.  The harmonization of different plants can be peaceful and great to look at offering the gardener much comfort.  The variety of plants and flowers will also make the garden look very abundant and fresh.  Plus the added scents from the flowers can allow the enjoyer much joy when walking through the garden.

Many activities can be done in a garden to make the space more zen. The owner can perform yoga or tia chi in the garden as a way of relaxing.  If this is done perhaps it may be beneficial to add some sound system with in the garden to utilize peaceful music as a way to make the garden more zen. The sound system can be camouflaged with in the large rock formations you add to the garden and even the wires can be planted within the ground to hide the burdensome requirements of a sound system.

There are various things that can be done to make a garden more zen for the beholder. The keeps points to the garden should be creating an area of peace and relaxation for the user.  This may mean incorporating things that may not have been listed above. Each person is different and therefore requires their own items to make them feel more zen and a peace.  Do not limit yourself to the items aforementioned.  Try creating your own items and thinking outside the box to create a space that is all your own. Zen is personal and thus your garden should be unlike anyone else’s.

Top 7 Safety Tips You should Know about Radiology


There many things to know about radiology, but everyone should know the top 7 safety tips about Radiology. Safety in radiology boils down to 7 basic things:

  1. Limiting exposure time to the x ray beams

  2. Ensuring that a lead protection vest is worn

  3. Staying at least 6 feet from the source of radiation if you are a radiology technician

  4. Only having the appropriate x rays taken when needed

  5. Being educated in the use of radiation

  6. Knowing who is approved to be taking x rays

  7. Ensuring accuracy and limited exposure through proper technique

Most things that need to be known about radiology and safety mainly pertain to the radiology technicians themselves since they are the ones taking the x rays and they will be therefore ultimately choosing the exposure time and quality. X rays should be avoided if you are a radiology technician. Too much exposure on a daily basis as is customary with the job of radiology technicians and may cause health problems. Most x ray technicians are required to wear radiology exposure badges that detect the amount of radiation the person is exposed to while working.

The technician should stand at least 6 feet from the beam source or should stand behind a protective wall.  If a wall is not present for the technician to stand behind they can stand a minimum of 6 feet from the beams source and at an angle of 135 degrees from the source. This will limit the effect of radiation as well as keep the technician away from any scattered radiation that may occur from the beam not meeting the intended target.

The technician should also know when the patient will need the x rays, how many should be taken and at what level the radiation should be given to the patient.  To keep the radiation to a minimum for a patient it is important to line up the shot for the x ray beam to collect the needed information in one shot rather than multiple misaligned shots that expose the patient to more radiation when this did not need to occur.

The patients should always be given some sort of protective covering. This should be done especially with the patient is young and still growing then they should wear a lead vest with a thyroid protective collar in place. A pregnant patient should also have some sort of protective lead apron to shield the fetus from radiation exposure.  The covering should cover from the neck, covering the lungs, the stomach and down to cover the reproductive organs of both males and females.

The best way to protect yourself from unnecessary radiation exposure is to be educated in the area.  It is important to be educated on the topic of how to prevent exposure, the proper technique, and the proper protective measures that need to be taken to make the exposure to radiation as low as it has to be for both the technician and the patient.  This can limit the amount x ray exposure, limit the length of exposure, and to predict which angulations of the x ray beam will give inaccurate images.  Especially in dental x rays, it is important to capture many different structures deemed important for dental diagnosis.

If you have ever considered taking up a career in Radiology you should consider learning how to become a radiology technician.

There are many things to consider when it comes to radiology, and safety is of course the most important.  The patient should not have series of x rays taken if they are not truly needed, the technician should be educated to know when the x rays need to be taken and what can be done to protect both the patient and the technician. Limiting ones exposure to radiation can have great long-term health benefits.

Eco Friendly Baby Monitors

summer-infant-peek-plusWhen people think of using green products for their babies, there are many products that come to mind.  Eco friendly cribs, mattresses, soap, and clothing are all items that are easily associated with going green. But there is another product that you may want to consider: Eco Friendly Baby Monitors.  Now, there is not an inherent way to have a baby monitor that acts in a green manner, but rather one needs to make sure that the product is made by a company that has eco-friendly attitudes and actions.  In order to ensure that one is supporting an eco-friendly world, one must be able to make sure that the companies that are purchased from act in an eco-friendly manner.

Eco-friendly products are very important in order to ensure that continued health of the earth and its inhabitants.  When a company does not act in environmentally friendly ways, the results can be detrimental.  From air pollution to dangerous waste, a company must ensure that it is doing everything it can to ensure the future of our planet. Not only can companies who act environmentally irresponsible have an adverse effect on the planet, it can also have adverse effects on our citizens, this unfortunately would also include our children.  In order to make a eco-friendly world, we need to start small by purchasing from responsible companies who make eco-friendly decisions rather than companies who simply want a profit over perseverance.

Now that we know why it is so important for a company to be eco-friendly, one must think about how to be sure that a company is indeed environmentally friendly.  A few companies have it written on their package that they are eco-friendly, but that does not guarantee that this is true.  Unfortunately, many companies are using this cause in order to find a bigger profit gain, so one must be careful not to trust labels solely.  In order to be confident about the actions of a company, one must consistently do the research online.  It is also important to research companies that are not eco-friendly, in order to try to avoid this company’s products.

Now that we have discussed how to determine if a company is eco-friendly, we now need to determine how to choose Eco Friendly Baby Monitors.  As mentioned before, there are not baby monitors that are eco-friendly in the sense that they operate in eco-friendly ways.  The important thing to consider is the company that makes them.  There are many great baby monitors out there and deciding between them can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there are many lists that can help out.  Baby Prepared reviewed the top baby monitors of 2014 here and this is what they found out:  With a whopping 4.7 rating (out of 5)  the Infant Optics DXR-8 comes in first by a 0.6 lead.  So, in order to research this product, one would need to look up Infant Optics to determine if it is an environmentally friendly company.  Though it might seem like a small action, it may make a huge splash.

Before this conversation ends, it is important to think about other eco-friendly baby products.  Other important products to research would be cribs, blankets, clothing, and cleaning substances (i.e. soap, shampoo, laundry detergent).  As mentioned before, you can check out the top baby monitors of 2014 here, but they also have many other lists that can help someone find the best product for their new addition. It is lists like this that can help you make sure that you are getting the best product and to ensure that their baby products are indeed environmentally friendly.  These products are not only important for the environment, but they are even important for your baby.

Becoming “green” has become increasingly popular.  This is because there is a direct correlation to between its popularity and its importance.  It is becoming increasingly important to become eco-friendly.  There are small things that people can do to support this movement and these small things can add up to a big change.   Along with supporting this cause, one can also introduce one’s baby into this world with materials and products that are less harsh to the environment and more friendly to them.

Best Eco-Friendly Stainless Cookware


In the past several years stainless steel cookware has become a great eco-friendly alternative to pans that are coated in Teflon. Teflon is unstable at high temperatures releasing harmful contagions into your food. No wonder top chefs prefer to use stainless cookware!  Additionally, stainless steel is durable, low maintenance and rust resistant. It may not be non-stick, so more oil is required for the cooking process, but these pots and pans tend to be much kinder towards your health, I know I don’t want Teflon chips in the food myself and family are consuming.

When looking to purchase stainless steel cookware one should note a few things. First, investigate the quality of the stainless steel.  Look for pots and pans with an 18/10 chromium to nickel ratio. This ratio indicates a good quality of stainless steel and while it may be slightly more expensive, it’s worth it. Pots and pans with this ratio tend to have better rust resistance, hardness and shine than those with a ratio or 18/0 or 18/8.

Also, note that alone stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat. Because of this, plain stainless steel cookware causes hot spots in the bottoms of the pots and pans which makes cooking food without burning it quite difficult. The solution to this issue is clad cookware, which means there is a layer of metal that is a good heat conductor sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. The best metals for the job are aluminum and copper. These metals heat up evenly on an electric or gas cooking surface and distribute the heat evenly for uniform cooking of food and less burning.


Currently the best stainless-steel cookware is All-Clad’s Tri Ply cookware. The pots and pans are stainless steel wrapped around an aluminum core which extends up the sides helping transfer heat better and preventing burning and sticking on the sides of the pan. The pieces are a little pricier than other brands, but they are incredibly durable. They tend to be a bit on the larger, heavier side, so if you do not need something that big you will be able to get away with one of the other brands, which still perform well.

Cuisinart also makes a great eco friendly stainless steel set that is a bit easier on the wallet. These pans still contain an aluminum core and sides for even heat distribution and they also boast solid cast stainless steel handles that stay cool on the stove top, tight-fitting stainless steel lids and drip free pouring lids. They are oven and broiler safe as well.

If you are budget shopping eco friendly stainless cookware, then T-fal has a great set that will not break the bank. There’s boasts an aluminum core and copper bottom for great cooking performance. The pans are shiny and look great on display in your kitchen and provide a great balance between cost and performance.

So, if you are in the market for a healthier option to non-stick cookware, which is coated with harmful chemicals, know that there are better options. Top performing chefs have had great success with stainless cookware and with just a little bit of lemon juice and care these pans can be a great looking addition to your kitchen. Remember to choose a high quality stainless steel with the proper core for conducting heat so that you are pleased with the performance, but know that you do not have to spend a fortune on a set of cookware there are many sets available for affordable prices.


Training Your Dog In A Safe Environment

labradorLabrador training  is an experience that is going to take a lot of patience from everyone involved. It is not simply enough to hope that the dog will listen to you and that the training will be done. It is also not enough to just spend an hour or two on the training and then to expect that the dog will be ready to behave exactly how you want them to. Depending on the level of training that you want them to achieve, you could spend many hours training your dog to be ready to obey your commands.

In addition to learning how to properly train your dog in the different commands that you want, it is also important that you make sure that the environment that they are being trained in is safe. No one can learn very well in an environment that makes them feel nervous, scared, or threatened in and this is just as true for dogs as it is for humans. If you really want to be successful in training your dog to do new tricks, you must make sure that the environment they are in is safe. Here are some tips on how to get started with doing this.

To start with, you will want to make sure that the area that you are choosing for the training is nice and quiet. Dogs, just like humans, do not like to always be surrounded by a lot of noise that will distract and scare them. You should make sure that you find an area that will not have sudden noises that will scare your dog when you are trying to train them. Opt for your quiet back yard or even the park when you are getting started.

Crate training is another option that many owners will utilize when first starting out. To start with, using this method helps the owner ensure that the dog will not go about destroying the house whenever it is left unsupervised. In addition, the dog will enjoy it because the crates will give them the feeling of being in a den or another safe environment. Make sure that the crate that you choose is big enough so the dog as some room to move around and turn if needed without feeling cramped.

You can also make sure that the area that the dog is living in is as comfortable as possible. For example, pillows and other bedding supplies can be a great way to train your dog so that they feel more comfortable and at ease. Pick out a special pillow and blanket that will just be for the dog, along with some of their favorite toys so they feel like they belong. This can be really helpful if you are going out of town with the dog; these familiar items will help them to feel at home even when you are visiting friends and family members.

Having the dog be a part of the family is another great way to ensure that they feel they are in a safe environment in your home. Do not stick them in a corner or in a room all by themselves, especially if other members of the family are home. In fact, for the dog to feel the most at ease, you should place them in the room where the most action is happening. Dogs are sociable animals so they will want to be where everyone else is. They will feel safe and like they are part of the pack if you let them feel included in the different family activities.


17 Cheap ways to Live a More Environmentally Friendly at home

Going green is the most common phrase we often hear from people in home, news, work place and almost everywhere. Though this has become a trend and talked by everyone, has anyone thought about how to achieve and live a more environmental friendly lifestyle more cost effectively? Most people might have a common misconception that environmental friendly means sacrificing too many things in life. No, it does not really mean that at all. Smart choices can definitely help you to achieve your goal of living an environmentally friendly life at your home.see some environmental house hold cleaning ideas

Here are 17 cheap ways to live a more environmentally friendly life at home.

  1. Use fluorescent bulbs instead of the normal yellow light bulbs. This not only saves energy, but also provides the most efficient way of managing and saving energy. Besides this, it emits very less radiation, hence it saves you from various diseases.
  2. The home pumps at your homes can pump out 2 times more greenhouse gas emissions as compared to the ‘energy star’ certified appliances can reduce emissions.
  3. Stop using plastic bags for whatever purpose. Make sure you carry your own cloth bag or paper bags for all purposes.
  4. Try to plant as many plants, bushes or trees as possible in and around your house. This is not only cheap but also a great way of cleaning the environment.
  5. Start using eco-friendly, bio-degradable and phosphate free cleaning products to prevent pollution.
  6. Eat organic food – they are not only cheap but also very healthy. Pesticides sprayed for hybrid vegetables and fruits can hard your body, so avoid eating those and use just the organically grown food.
  7. Improve your home’s energy efficiency by improving the insulation, installing weather stripping, upgrading windows or using a programmable thermostat. read more on echo friendly practices here
  8. You can use reusable towels instead of using paper towels in your kitchen.17 Cheap ways to Live a More Environmentally Friendly at home
  9. Reading newspaper online can save buying the paper newspapers.
  10. Planting indoor bushes and show plants can clear the air and help in better ventilation.
  11. Using reusable bags can help you save money. Never buy plastic bags or even paper bags when you go on shopping.
  12. With the increasing water scarcity almost every part of the world, there is a strong need to save water now. Save the rain water by collecting water in the barrel or using rain waster harvesting techniques.
  13. Put a hold on your dryer; instead use the outdoor drying techniques in your backyard. This will save more power.
  14. Always buy Energy star certified products and appliances for your home. It is available almost in every state of United States.
  15. Keep your lawn free from fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, then avoid using these too often. You can replace the expensive grass with your local creepy wild grass for a chance. You can trim them whenever possible with hand than using the lawn mower.
  16. If you are buying a house or renting it, consider the house in the biking distance to work in order to save fuel and support environmental friendly transport.
  17. Installing aerators and low flow showerheads in your bathroom can save water.

Top 5 Environmental Friendly Household Cleaning

Today’s modern cleaning solutions are full of toxic materials and polluting your house more instead of offering cleaner solutions. This is making domestic life much more complicated. Besides this, the cost of commercial chemical based products is very high and because of its toxic materials, there have been long term health concerns to you and your family. With the trend of changing from using most modern solutions for household cleaning techniques to more environmental friendly solutions, there has been a need to figure out what works best for household cleaning.Read more on non toxic solutions here

For many of the home cleaning solutions, you can make your own home made cleaning products using the below tips:

  1. Lemon

    LemonThis is one of the easiest and cheapest available solutions for home cleaning. Lemon is one of the strongest acids which is very effective against the household bacteria. Lemon juice is the best deodorizer. You can spray lemon inside your garbage disposal, chopping boards, sink, and many other places which you think is a must. Besides this, lemon also acts as a very good disinfectant and keeps away from bacteria, flies and other insects. Lemon acts as a strong cleaning agent since it is acidic in nature. If you are not able to clean a surface neatly, whether it is your sink or walls or floor or even utensils, then you should put a few lemon drops on the surface and scrub it after sometime. It is always advisable to use lemon in your kitchen or household since it is the safest, environmental friendly and reaction free solution for any household more on living environmental friendly

  2. White vinegar

    vinegarIf you have a greasy surface or mildew, odor or stains or even wax build up, scrubbing it up with white vinegar cleans up the surface and brings back its original luster. Mix white vinegar and water in a bottle and spray directly on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Wait till it settles down for a few minutes. Gently scrub out the dirty surface with a scrub or a sponge.

  3. Washing soda

    sodiumThis is most commonly called as SAL Soda or sodium carbonate, is used to cut greasy surface and removing stains, cleaning walls, sink, tub, etc. Never use washing soda on aluminum metals as they react immediately. Make sure you wrap your nose or cover your face and use hand gloves when using this mineral as this can irritate or burn your skin and block your mucus membranes.

  4. Corn starch

    Corn starchIt is used for cleaning windows, shampooing carpets, rugs and also polishing furniture. Corn starch serves as a best solution for cleaning fresh greasy surface. Sprinkle a little corn starch onto the surface and wait for few minutes before vacuuming.

  5. Baking soda

    Baking soda is good for cleaning, softening water, deodorizing most commonly used in your kitchen. Mix baking soda, all purpose vinegar and water to clean dust and dirt on windows, mirrors and shower heads. It can also be used to clean carpets by sprinkling few drops of baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. You can deodorize your storage containers by soaking in baking soda and warm water.

Top 10 Eco-friendly practices that you can begin at home

The terminologies like “go green”, “eco-friendly” have all become so popular that even children started speaking these words regularly. The word ‘eco-friendly’ is used with so many products, shown in so many advertisements, TV shows, etc. Does anyone really understand the true meaning of this terminology so that you can implement the best practices that lead to healthy living? Using eco-friendly products prevents contributions to water, air and soil pollution and are less toxic.

Here are top 10 eco-friendly practices that you can easily begin at home. You can achieve these by reducing, reusing, recycling, refusing and conserving.

  1. Reduce wastage

    Reduce wastageThere are many cases where people might buy things unnecessarily even if they do not need them at that time. Try to be more economical and buy those things that you need at the moment. Simplify your life as much as possible. Reduce your purchases and try to share things with others as much as possible. Not all used things are bad. Replace disposables like batteries, ink cartridges, etc and send them for recycling.

  2. Bulk purchases

    This is a more effective way of saving money if you buy in bulk. Avoid buying single use packs which not only costs more but also does not last long.

  3. Cook efficiently

    Do not waste too much while you are cooking. Make sure you use the ingredients efficiently. Do not discard the left over. You can keep them in the refrigerator and reuse it for the next day keeping in mind that the expiry date is not crossed.

  4. Reuse many items at home

    There are many things in your home that you can use more than once. Products like food, beverages, magazines, electronics, appliances, books, sports goods and many more can be easily reused. If you have many friends you can borrow or lend things and reuse them. Donate clothes, furniture and many other household items and reuse them till they wear out.

  5. Always buy durable items

    Many a times we look at the price or item we need and just buy them without thinking how long the item might last. Even if you pay higher price and buy good quality items that is still ok as they are more durable than buying cheap quality items which just look good but do not last long.Recycle bottles

  6. Recycle

    Many items like cans, plastics, glass, batteries, cell phones, papers are all reusable. Some items like clothes, furniture which are of good quality, electronics, books, and many more are all recyclable. You can even donate them to the charity if they do not look so great after you get them recycled. Read more on recycling

  7. Refuse to use products that create waste

    You may buy in bulk a quantity, which is a good habit. However, if you buy in bulk the things which do not last long, then it is a whole lot of waste. Hence, you need to avoid this habit and reduce wastage.

  8. Conserve energy

    Whether it is electricity or gas, energy is precious – whatever kind of energy it may be.

  9. Save water

    Never waste water, almost whole earth is getting short of water.

  10. Stop polluting

    Whether it is soil or water or air pollution, stop doing this to have a better life.