Go green with children’s toys and take eco-friendly to a whole new level, your child’s!

ECOFRIENDLYToys that are eco-friendly have been starting to hit the market in droves.  It’s making those of us who are trying be more eco-friendly and conscious about our environment happy to see our child playing green too.  These toys today are friendly not just to our children’s play time, but they are parent friendly too as well as to our Earth as well.  To be a truly organic toy, they should be made from recycled materials, wood that is renewable, and come from sustainable sources too.  Natural toys take your child away from the game controller and into playtime that they use their imagination and reach new levels with traditional toys and original ones too.

Something as simple as a swing made out of wood into a wooden horse for your child to enjoy and have fun swinging on can be a great way to experience natural toys.  Toy boats to play with during bath time or anywhere there’s water to play by such as a pool or lake.  A tea set made from completely recycled plastics to stimulate your child’s play.  There’s so much out there to choose from.

Dump trucks and cars that they can play with abound.  There’s’ even natural modeling dough to create whatever crosses their mind to mold and it’s made from natural plant dyes as well so they have brilliant all natural colors to mold and play with.

It’s time to take a look and see how much there is to offer you and your child in the way of eco-friendly toys and more.  You can watch your child have just as much fun with safe, all-natural toys made from eco-friendly sources than they do with their video games.  They’re toys, and there’s more out there than you might think offhand.

Toys that they can play like they are in the kitchen cooking and playing with wooden or recycled plastic items that fuel their inspirations to play.  They can have toys that resemble things that they see in your kitchen, just kid sized.  From child stoves and ovens to dishes and even wooden toys that look like food that they can pretend to cook and make and they are all environmentally safe and produced to bring joy to kids to play in a green lifestyle.  They don’t see a toy frying pan with eggs to put in it to cook that are made from all recycled materials, they see just what it is, a frying pan and eggs to play grown up chef with.

There are dolls and rocking horses and just about any toy you can think of for kids of all ages to enjoy and take pleasure in. There are toys for your baby to rattle and snuggle as they crawl around in their funny baby clothes that they don’t get the words or pictures on their onesies yet, but we find so cute to see them in. From toddlers learning shapes and colors and toys for older children who want to play with cars and trucks; there’s an eco-friendly toy out there calling you and your child to come explore the world of natural toys.

Welcome to the world of late night blender infomercials and be amazed at eating green!

benefits-of-juicing_grandeThe commercials make anything you put in a blender look delicious and plus keeping it green and eco-friendly as you are taking healthy food from the Earth, which we are trying to protect, and use it to make organic healthy meals, protein shakes, and smoothies.  By doing so, you’re taking care of the best environment there is to take care of; starting with the inside and working your way out.  That’s yourself.  You’re your own best environment.

Those late night commercials for finding the best blender to use are certainly addictive.  Take a peek at http://www.blenderjudge.com and get a look at the options out there.  In those commercials they show you that if you’re into staying healthy and working a clean, green environment into your eating regimen by using fresh foods and organics, you’re on the right track.

They get you when they show you the pure, unadulterated power of these blender machines.  One such even takes a chunk of solid cement and while you’re hypnotized by the commercial, you’re saying to yourself “I have got to see this!” or “No!  Don’t do it, you’ll ruin your super cool ‘Enviro-Blender Euro 3000 Blender Buddy Masher Deluxe’ if you do that!” as they drop it in and turn it on.  In seconds it’s decimated into dust by the blades of the blender and you’re amazed and they’ve got your attention.  Not even a scratch on the blades.

Next is the fun part.  They show you it still works by making a smoothie with fresh ingredients you’d never think of mixing together.  For instance they take spinach, yogurt, yellow dandelion tops, blueberries, ice, peanut butter, seaweed and other ingredients nature never really intended to mix together and turn the blender on and in a few seconds they have produced a green smoothie.  You’re watching and are thinking that that mixture has got to be disgusting.  They go to drink it while you watch with your face scrunched up in an “ewww” expression and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the best drink they’ve ever had!  They say it’s nutritious and ever so delicious, and then keep on making lots of smoothies and drink meals, even soups.  Admit it, you’re sold.

They even get you wanting to start growing your own foods for this popular blender.  If you get into that, start with a small herb garden you can grow inside or outside and add your own fresh basil or thyme to your creations.  They get you wanting to use organic foods so you can contribute to an eco-friendly and green environment.  All from watching blender infomercials you’ve learned how to live healthy and green and appreciate organics and how to make chunks of cement into dust if the need ever arises.  For the days you’re not feeling like seaweed and dandelion yogurt smoothies, these blenders are great for making nutritious protein shakes in seconds with just some filtered water and protein powder.

Who knows, you could be the next great nutritious and delicious smoothie maker and come out with your own line of blender recipes to share with others.  Wouldn’t that be something!

How to Afford That Green Home

If you’re in the property game then you’re always looking for great ways to fund your next purchase. Right now the property market is depressed, which means houses are going for cheap, at least compared to what they were before. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can get your new house for the change in your pocket, it’s still ludicrously expensive to get on the ladder. But if you’re interested in getting your next asset, then you need some BTL finance info.

-       Why Buy to Let?

Buying to let is a great way to afford that house. If you’ve seen the perfect space with a low carbon footprint but a high price and you want to know how to fund it, then you should look into BtL. Your renters will offset a lot of that price difference while you rest easy knowing you own a home that is better for the environment. And this could be the start of a whole eco-friendly landlord business. BUY TO LET

-       What is Buy to Let?

There is a ton of useful material out there on BTL; it’s simple. Right now, you can get discount houses at auction that are going for far cheaper than ever before. Great houses with proper insulation, solar panels, lots of greenery and little environmental impact can be bought for dirt. An excellent way to fun it is through a bridging loan, which will give you the cash you need to afford it, and then you simply set yourself up as a landlord and wait for the dividends to return your way.

-       Why Is It Useful?

If you take out a bridging loan you can expect to pay it back within the year, but if you set yourself up right from the get go then your renters will foot the bill for you. If you get a decent family in for a few years, you’ll have basically bought the house for nothing. Your loan will cover your initial costs and your renters the rest. Then, when you’re ready, you can live in it yourself, or, if you find it’s working out, do it all again. You could have three or four eco friendly houses on the cheap that you rent out to deserving families, and all through the simple, easy process of a bridging loan.

-       What Are the Downsides?

A bridging loan is a short term solution to a financial predicament, so you want to make sure you can get that house, as otherwise you’ll be left with the debt. There are also some costs involved at the start, but thankfully there is no punishment for early repayment and it’s all based on the equity of what you already own. Really, if you get that house that you want, then you’re sorted. It’s a win-win solution for all.

Here’s an eco-friendly way to reuse a plastic bottle to separate egg yolks from egg whites

COOKINGYou’re into recycling and are on track at bringing all your old plastic water bottles to the recycle bin.  Why not keep a couple at home and get another use out of them before you’re so quick to pitch it.  For instance, use an empty water bottle to separate yolks from egg whites.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen on a box of white cake that you need egg whites.  Have you ever tried to remove an egg yolk from the egg before?  Have you been able to do it successfully without breaking the egg yolk?  Doubt it.  No offense, but its one hard task to handle.  On TV you see the chef’s break the egg into half and go back and forth switching egg white and yolk from half to half until they get nothing but the whole egg yolk into one of the halves of egg shell. Are you kidding me?!  Well, after this you might not look at egg white recipes the same ever again or with fear.  Here is how you conquer separating the egg yolk from the egg white.

Take a plate and an egg.  Have a small empty bowl near as well.  Take the egg and crack it onto the plate and toss the shell.  So now you’re looking at a raw egg with the yolk still whole and suspended in the egg white.  Now take an empty plastic water bottle, cap off.  Hold the bottle so the mouth is over the egg yolk and while holding the water bottle in the middle squeeze it so air comes out of the bottle.  While still squeezing it, lightly place the mouth of the bottle on top of the egg yolk.  Now stop squeezing and as the bottle takes air back into it, it also sucks the egg yolk into the bottle as well, keeping it whole as it slides through the mouth and into the bottle.  Next you take the water bottle that now has a whole egg yolk in it and hold it mouth side down over the small bowl and give the middle of the bottle another squeeze and the egg yolk slides out of the bottle into the bowl.

There you have it, one perfect egg yolk in a bowl and one egg white on the plate ready to use in the recipe you need it for.  It’s as simple as that.  Bet you didn’t count on that one.  I found that out on accident while looking for ways to separate egg yolks as I always wind up breaking them and wasting the precious egg, both yolk and white and having to discard both.  Therefore I never made white cakes, always yellow

Before this trick I’d of rather of gone through a tedious search for a mortgage and all the paperwork entailed which actually,  if you’re in that situation, can be as easy as this trick and you might just want to click here for help in Tampa.   No more worries.  Plus, now you know that it’s easy to reuse a water bottle and be enviro-friendly by getting a second use out of it before heading to the recycle bin.  Problem solved.

“I would walk 500 miles” – The Proclaimers – Every have days where it felt like you did?

On your feet all day and feel like you’ve walked 500 miles? If you have a job where you stand and walk, you know you have felt that way before, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can do about it. Whether you’re a dock worker who wears work boots all day or a nurse in desperate need of something comfortable as you walk the halls nonstop all shift long. There’s got to be a way to find something that will keep your feet in some kind of comfort and not leave them sore and hurting like they do now.ECO FRIENDLY

When you get your free time to do you work and help in a eco-friendly environment and aid in keeping things in your area green, you’re feet by the end of the week are so worn down you don’t feel like doing anything that involves standing or walking. How are you supposed to pitch in and help at the fundraiser to bring recycling to your area, or the roadside cleanup project when at the end of the week you can barely walk you’re feet are so sore.

One thing you might want to do is take a look at a list of work boot reviews, or get some information on walking shoes for nurses. It’s time to find shoes for work that fit perfectly like Cinderella’s glass slipper and find comfort that will take you through your work week and beyond. There’s a shoe out there for you and it’s up to you to make it your duty to find it. There’s no reason you should have to suffer through another day in pain while you do your job and are constantly walking and standing and there’s no relief in sight. Well now there is.

You’re going to work better when you’re not being constantly reminded that you’re in pain from all the work you do in uncomfortable shoes. The weekend is here and you’ve got projects to do that are important, eco-friendly, and help keep your community green that you were one of the first to sign up for you were so excited. It’s an activity that keeping the environment at its best that has become a big part of your free time. From recycling to volunteering at fundraisers centered on helping keep the world green, you try to be a part of.

Well, no more missing out on your favorite environmental activities from sore feet throughout the work week. No more dreading each day of work every time you slip your work shoes on each morning. Take the time and invest in finding a good pair of shoes that can help make your work days easier and more comfortable. This will open you up to a better weekend or whatever you invest your time in when you don’t have to worry about your feet and the pain you used to suffer from in your old shoes. It’s time to refresh your shoes so you can be there walking and working to help refresh the environment.

Top 10 Eco-friendly practices that you can begin at home

The terminologies like “go green”, “eco-friendly” have all become so popular that even children started speaking these words regularly. The word ‘eco-friendly’ is used with so many products, shown in so many advertisements, TV shows, etc. Does anyone really understand the true meaning of this terminology so that you can implement the best practices that lead to healthy living? Using eco-friendly products prevents contributions to water, air and soil pollution and are less toxic.

Here are top 10 eco-friendly practices that you can easily begin at home. You can achieve these by reducing, reusing, recycling, refusing and conserving.

1. Reduce wastage

There are many cases where people might buy things unnecessarily even if they do not need them at that time. Try to be more economical and buy those things that you need at the moment. Simplify your life as much as possible. Reduce your purchases and try to share things with others as much as possible. Not all used things are bad. Replace disposables like batteries, ink cartridges, etc and send them for recycling.

2. Bulk purchases

This is a more effective way of saving money if you buy in bulk. Avoid buying single use packs which not only costs more but also does not last long.

3. Cook efficiently

Do not waste too much while you are cooking. Make sure you use the ingredients efficiently. Do not discard the left over. You can keep them in the refrigerator and reuse it for the next day keeping in mind that the expiry date is not crossed.follow this link for more information.

4. Reuse many items at home

There are many things in your home that you can use more than once. Products like food, beverages, magazines, electronics, appliances, books, sports goods and many more can be easily reused. If you have many friends you can borrow or lend things and reuse them. Donate clothes, furniture and many other household items and reuse them till they wear out.

5. Always buy durable items

Many a times we look at the price or item we need and just buy them without thinking how long the item might last. Even if you pay higher price and buy good quality items that is still ok as they are more durable than buying cheap quality items which just look good but do not last long.

6. Recycle

Many items like cans, plastics, glass, batteries, cell phones, papers are all reusable. Some items like clothes, furniture which are of good quality, electronics, books, and many more are all recyclable. You can even donate them to the charity if they do not look so great after you get them recycled.

7. Refuse to use products that create waste

You may buy in bulk a quantity, which is a good habit. However, if you buy in bulk the things which do not last long, then it is a whole lot of waste. Hence, you need to avoid this habit and reduce wastage.

solar trough array

8. Conserve energy

Whether it is electricity or gas, energy is precious – whatever kind of energy it may be.see more details at http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/green-living/ways-to-go-green.

9. Save water

Never waste water, almost whole earth is getting short of water.

10. Stop polluting

Whether it is soil or water or air pollution, stop doing this to have a better life.

Top 5 Environmental Friendly Household Cleaning

Today’s modern cleaning solutions are full of toxic materials and polluting your house more instead of offering cleaner solutions. This is making domestic life much more complicated. Besides this, the cost of commercial chemical based products is very high and because of its toxic materials, there have been long term health concerns to you and your family. With the trend of changing from using most modern solutions for household cleaning techniques to more environmental friendly solutions, there has been a need to figure out what works best for household cleaning.

For many of the home cleaning solutions, you can make your own home made cleaning products using the below tips:

1. Lemon

This is one of the easiest and cheapest available solutions for home cleaning. Lemon is one of the strongest acids which is very effective against the household bacteria. Lemon juice is the best deodorizer. You can spray lemon inside your garbage disposal, chopping boards, sink, and many other places which you think is a must. Besides this, lemon also acts as a very good disinfectant and keeps away from bacteria, flies and other insects. Lemon acts as a strong cleaning agent since it is acidic in nature. If you are not able to clean a surface neatly, whether it is your sink or walls or floor or even utensils, then you should put a few lemon drops on the surface and scrub it after sometime. It is always advisable to use lemon in your kitchen or household since it is the safest, environmental friendly and reaction free solution for any household cleaning.more information at http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/life/green/top-5-eco-friendly-household-cleaners.

2. White vinegar

If you have a greasy surface or mildew, odor or stains or even wax build up, scrubbing it up with white vinegar cleans up the surface and brings back its original luster. Mix white vinegar and water in a bottle and spray directly on the surface that needs to be cleaned. Wait till it settles down for a few minutes. Gently scrub out the dirty surface with a scrub or a sponge.

3. Washing soda

This is most commonly called as SAL Soda or sodium carbonate, is used to cut greasy surface and removing stains, cleaning walls, sink, tub, etc. Never use washing soda on aluminum metals as they react immediately. Make sure you wrap your nose or cover your face and use hand gloves when using this mineral as this can irritate or burn your skin and block your mucus membranes.check this website for more updates.

Castile Soaps

4. Corn starch

It is used for cleaning windows, shampooing carpets, rugs and also polishing furniture. Corn starch serves as a best solution for cleaning fresh greasy surface. Sprinkle a little corn starch onto the surface and wait for few minutes before vacuuming.

5. Baking soda

Baking soda is good for cleaning, softening water, deodorizing most commonly used in your kitchen. Mix baking soda, all purpose vinegar and water to clean dust and dirt on windows, mirrors and shower heads. It can also be used to clean carpets by sprinkling few drops of baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. You can deodorize your storage containers by soaking in baking soda and warm water.

The Ultimate 5 Ways to Go Green on Your Computer

One of the biggest energy consumers at home or at work are the computers. Hence, saving energy clearly means that you are trying to save some pocket money. However, we need to keep a check on the energy habits of laptops and desktops. So you must be able to answer the question yourself, how easy or difficult it is for you to go green. Going green has been quintessential these days in order to reduce environmental impact of using the computers.see more information at our latest blog post.

Here are the 5 ultimate ways to go green with your computer or laptop.

1. Turn off when not in use

Best way to save energy with your computer is to turn it off when not in use. If you are not comfortable doing this every time, do it once in a day or at least once in a week. You can even use sleep mode.

2. Always go for power management

It is always advised to switch off your computers and other peripherals once you are done using them. You can also plug off the devices after using. However, not many like this idea. If not daily, you can practice doing this every week when you do not plan to use them. You can use sleep mode instead of completely shutting down your machine if you do not like the idea. You can also reduce the monitor resolution when using it. This saves more energy and reduces your eye strain caused by glaring.go to http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/ways-green-computing/ for more updates information.

3. Be a smart printer

Do not print unnecessary papers. Always print after thoroughly editing and proof reading your documents in order to avoid repeated printing. Learn to print on both the sides and use black ink instead of going for the color print. Recycle the ink cartridges, and papers once used. Keep paper records once you print, you may want to use them again in the future.

4. Extending your computer’s life

Prolonging your computer usage can save more resources than buying a totally new computer. Besides this, you can keep on adding more RAM, bigger hard disk or even a high quality graphics card instead of changing your computer. You can also make sure that your computer is reused rather than sending it to scrap. Though your old computer may not be able to support video games with latest graphics card or not a good performer, you can still use it for many other home usage like checking emails, typing documents, taking prints, etc. Donate your old computer instead of trashing it.

Ultimate Wall Mount Rig

5. Buy computers which are ‘Energy Star’ rated

Most of them prefer to buy ‘Energy Star’ rated computers. Do you know the reason why? If your computer meets Energy Star requirements, the energy saving and cost saving is pretty high. With these minimum power usage systems you can get higher efficiency as compared to the ordinary computers. You can also change the computer settings – like monitor settings, using sleep mode or standby, hard drive settings, hard disk sleep and many more can help you save energy.

If you follow these 5 rules, it is easy to save energy as well as save some pocket money for yourself.

17 Cheap ways to Live a More Environmentally Friendly at home

Going green is the most common phrase we often hear from people in home, news, work place and almost everywhere. Though this has become a trend and talked by everyone, has anyone thought about how to achieve and live a more environmental friendly lifestyle more cost effectively? Most people might have a common misconception that environmental friendly means sacrificing too many things in life. No, it does not really mean that at all. Smart choices can definitely help you to achieve your goal of living an environmentally friendly life at your home.

Here are 17 cheap ways to live a more environmentally friendly life at home.

1. Use fluorescent bulbs instead of the normal yellow light bulbs. This not only saves energy, but also provides the most efficient way of managing and saving energy. Besides this, it emits very less radiation, hence it saves you from various diseases.

2. The home pumps at your homes can pump out 2 times more greenhouse gas emissions as compared to the ‘energy star’ certified appliances can reduce emissions.

3. Stop using plastic bags for whatever purpose. Make sure you carry your own cloth bag or paper bags for all purposes.more facts at http://www.livescience.com/11357-10-ways-green-home.html.

4. Try to plant as many plants, bushes or trees as possible in and around your house. This is not only cheap but also a great way of cleaning the environment.

5. Start using eco-friendly, bio-degradable and phosphate free cleaning products to prevent pollution.

6. Eat organic food – they are not only cheap but also very healthy. Pesticides sprayed for hybrid vegetables and fruits can hard your body, so avoid eating those and use just the organically grown food.

7. Improve your home’s energy efficiency by improving the insulation, installing weather stripping, upgrading windows or using a programmable thermostat.

8. You can use reusable towels instead of using paper towels in your kitchen.

9. Reading newspaper online can save buying the paper newspapers.

10. Planting indoor bushes and show plants can clear the air and help in better ventilation.

11. Using reusable bags can help you save money. Never buy plastic bags or even paper bags when you go on shopping.

12. With the increasing water scarcity almost every part of the world, there is a strong need to save water now. Save the rain water by collecting water in the barrel or using rain waster harvesting techniques.

13. Put a hold on your dryer; instead use the outdoor drying techniques in your backyard. This will save more power.

14. Always buy Energy star certified products and appliances for your home. It is available almost in every state of United States.

Country Living

15. Keep your lawn free from fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, then avoid using these too often. You can replace the expensive grass with your local creepy wild grass for a chance. You can trim them whenever possible with hand than using the lawn mower.learn more from the original source.

16. If you are buying a house or renting it, consider the house in the biking distance to work in order to save fuel and support environmental friendly transport.

17. Installing aerators and low flow showerheads in your bathroom can save water.

13 Steps: How to Go Green at Work

It has been a trend these days to go green whether it is at home or at work. In case you are following the go green environmental steps at your home, then it is very easy process to follow the same at your work site. This will not only help save energy but also create a healthy work environment. Being energetic and resourceful with a zeal to improve the health and well being of your work environment will be highly cost effective and reduce the expenses of running out of your business.

Here are the 13 steps which help you to go green at work and maintain a healthy and happy work environment.

1. Be Authorized

Every person has their own authority in order to achieve the ‘go green’ motto. You do not have to be a management personnel in order to do this. It is just that you should have an honest feeling of caring towards improving energy efficiency, financial savings and healthy work environment and never hesitate to make such green decisions.

2. Conserve energy

How many of us switch off the computers and remove the power supply before leaving home from work daily or at least weekly? Turning off all peripherals like printers, speakers, video cards, scanners, etc and unplugging them from power supply can conserve energy.

3. Save your computer’s energy

You can use energy saving computer and printers. Make sure you buy Energy style labeled peripherals. Turn on the energy saving settings in the computer in the monitor, hard drives, hard disk sleep, system standby or sleep settings. When you are away make sure you set your computer or laptop to sleep mode. Avoid using screensavers as they consume more energy as compared to sleep mode which consumes just 30-40% of the power. When you are not using the computer make sure you turn it off.visit this website at http://www.wikihow.com/Go-Green-at-Work for more tips.

4. Reduce printer usage

With everything available online these days with high speed Wi-Fi, avoid printing loads of papers and save energy as well as paper. Cut printing costs by using back to back printing option and black and white options. Recycle ink and cartridges. Printing the final copy by previewing, editing and proof reading can save reprinting multiple times.

5. Reduce paper wastage

This again goes back to point number 4. Save paper as much as possible. Send it to recycling after use if they are not company confidential.

6. Prioritize using the prints and papers

Do not print everything without planning. Make sure you prioritize which paper needs urgently to be printed.

7. Reduce usage of electricity

Always switch off the lights in the meeting rooms or at your desk in case you are not using it. Keep windows open instead of using fans during summer. Replace room lights or desk bulbs with fluorescent lights to save energy.

8. Maintain air circulation

Clean air creates healthy environment. Instead of using fans or AC, you can open your office window and get some fresh air to breathe.

9. Recycle

Encourage recycling of papers, plastic cups, bottles, aluminum foil, cans, pens and whatever else possible.follow her latest blog post for more information.

10. Eat healthy

Eating homemade organic fresh food can not only keep you healthy, but also save money buying expensive junk edibles.

vegetable garden ideas

11. Travel green

Using a bus or a bicycle instead of driving daily can save fuel, and creates less pollution.

12. Keep your desk green

This means you can get green plants in small pots and maintain them at your office.

13. Propagate the thought

Share your green thoughts and plans with your colleagues. Set up carpool, encourage others to use eco-friendly products, start recycling program and many more to spread green thoughts.