13 Steps: How to Go Green at Work

It has been a trend these days to go green whether it is at home or at work. In case you are following the go green environmental steps at your home, then it is very easy process to follow the same at your work site. This will not only help save energy but also create a healthy work environment. Being energetic and resourceful with a zeal to improve the health and well being of your work environment will be highly cost effective and reduce the expenses of running out of your business.Click here to read more on going green

Here are the 13 steps which help you to go green at work and maintain a healthy and happy work environment.

  1. Be Authorized

    Every person has their own authority in order to achieve the ‘go green’ motto. You do not have to be a management personnel in order to do this. It is just that you should have an honest feeling of caring towards improving energy efficiency, financial savings and healthy work environment and never hesitate to make such green decisions.13 Steps: How to Go Green at Work

  2. Conserve energy

    How many of us switch off the computers and remove the power supply before leaving home from work daily or at least weekly? Turning off all peripherals like printers, speakers, video cards, scanners, etc and unplugging them from power supply can conserve energy.

  3. Save your computer’s energy

    computer eneryYou can use energy saving computer and printers. Make sure you buy Energy style labeled peripherals. Turn on the energy saving settings in the computer in the monitor, hard drives, hard disk sleep, system standby or sleep settings. When you are away make sure you set your computer or laptop to sleep mode. Avoid using screensavers as they consume more energy as compared to sleep mode which consumes just 30-40% of the power. When you are not using the computer make sure you turn it off.

  4. Reduce printer usage

    girl-reading-ipad-online-courseWith everything available online these days with high speed Wi-Fi, avoid printing loads of papers and save energy as well as paper. Cut printing costs by using back to back printing option and black and white options. Recycle ink and cartridges. Printing the final copy by previewing, editing and proof reading can save reprinting multiple times.

  5. Reduce paper wastage

    paper wastageThis again goes back to point number 4. Save paper as much as possible. Send it to recycling after use if they are not company confidential.

  6. Prioritize using the prints and papers

    Do not print everything without planning. Make sure you prioritize which paper needs urgently to be printed.

  7. Reduce usage of electricity

    Always switch off the lights in the meeting rooms or at your desk in case you are not using it. Keep windows open instead of using fans during summer. Replace room lights or desk bulbs with fluorescent lights to save energy.

  8. Maintain air circulation

    Clean air creates healthy environment. Instead of using fans or AC, you can open your office window and get some fresh air to breathe.

  9. Recycle

    Encourage recycling of papers, plastic cups, bottles, aluminum foil, cans, pens and whatever else possible.

  10. Eat healthy

    Eating homemade organic fresh food can not only keep you healthy, but also save money buying expensive junk edibles.

  11. Travel green

    Using a bus or a bicycle instead of driving daily can save fuel, and creates less pollution.

  12. Keep your desk green

    This means you can get green plants in small pots and maintain them at your office.

  13. Propagate the thought

    Share your green thoughts and plans with your colleagues. Set up carpool, encourage others to use eco-friendly products, start recycling program and many more to spread green thoughts.

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