Can a blender war keep it eco-friendly at home? Vitamix versus Ninja, it’s on!

BLENDER PHOTOOdd topic for a keeping it green conversation, but it’s actually a wonderful way to get into with an all-out battle of the blenders. Being eco-friendly works in by making meals, such as smoothies, at home.  By using a high powered blender at home, you are able to make healthy, green foods, from fruits and vegetables easily instead of fast food that’s wrapped in non-recyclable wrappers, or meals from a box such as in your frozen food department.  You’re eating healthier when you eat a smoothie instead of a double cheeseburger with extra mayo.   A healthy lifestyle, including meals, is definitely a part of living a green lifestyle.  Problem is, your everyday blender can’t handle certain fruits and vegetables unless they are already soft and rindless and prepared for the blender.  What’s really needed is a blender that can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.  A blender that can extract all the healthy benefits from the food that is being used, such as pulp from citrus’ and even a little bit of rinds from them as well.

That brings us to 2 blenders that need to have a face-off:  the Vitamix blender versus the Ninja blender.  Which of the two has what it takes to bring that healthy lifestyle you are trying to live in so many ways from the organic food you eat to your recycling?  Let’s break down with the Vitamix vs Ninja.

Let’s start with the Vitamix.  It boasts to have everything, from precision and power to overall quality needed in a top of the line blender.  It does a little bit of everything from chopping, pureeing, blending, to making soups and frozen treats.  Yes, soups and frozen treats.  You read it right and the Vitamix scores points for that and as far as a blender battle, it starts in the lead.  It has the power it needs to back up its performance, and it basically will obliterate anything you add to it.  Say an orange banana smoothie for instance.  Peel, and cut the orange but leave a little rind on it for extra nutrient power to you drink and then peel the banana add it, put in a little milk or juice.  The Vitamix is going to obliterate everything even the rind into a perfect smoothie with the power it has backing it up.  It’s an all in one and at the top of its class and that can be said before even beginning to compare it to another blender.Ninja-Vs-Vitamix-Photo

Next to step up and see if it can take home the trophy is the Ninja.  It doesn’t have all the abilities the Vitamix does, but it doesn’t fall off far behind.  It will puree so you can make soups with it, and it’s great for making shakes although not as versatile in the frozen treat division as the Vitamix.  The Ninja does however have one thing the Vitamix does not.  Wait, make that 2.  The first is really a great addition.  It has a hook you can attach to it and a bowl and it can mix bread dough.  It has a kneading mode specifically for making your own bread dough.  That is a something that its competitor doesn’t have.  The other thing that it has that the Vitamix does not is a more affordable price point to it.  By quite the handful too, so the Ninja gets points too.

What it boils down to is what are you looking for, super power or super price?  If you want the options as well as power definitely go with the VItamix if you don’t mind dropping down a few extra dollars.  If you want some versatility to experiment with at an affordable price to give it a try, the Ninja is more the one to go with. Either way, you’re living a green lifestyle with either, and that’s what it’s all about.

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