3 Ways to Cook Outside (and save energy too!)

OUTDOOR COOKINGEverybody loves a BBQ and what better way to get BBQ than to grill it yourself. There are many ways to BBQ your favorite meats. Summer time is the best time to BBQ. You can invite all your friends over and have a cookout with all the summer time foods. Some of the best summertime foods is potato salad, backed beans, garlic bread, and a delicious leafy green salad. But first you need to have a grill or smoker. They have all different types of smokers some are electric, some are charcoal, and some are wood. The best smoker is determined by what you like to use best. You can find the best electric smoker under $200 by searching online. Whether you choose a smoker or a grill you’re going to need some options and here is 3 ways to cook BBQ outside.

Open pit grills

1. Open pit grill is a great way to cook BBQ during the summer or even winter months. You can build this yourself with cement blocks and a wire rack. You can build it to your specific specifications and make it small or big. Some can be as big as a whole hog and some are just the size needed for burgers and steaks. Either way you make it you will get some really flavorful meat.

Store bought charcoal grills

2. A store bought charcoal grill is another option for grilling meats during the summer and winter months. They are designed to hold enough charcoal to grill burgers, steaks, ribs, and maybe a Boston butt or two. Charcoal grills are designed so that you can apply your meat directly to the heat or off to the side so that it smokes the meat till it’s juicy and done. There are many types of charcoal grills some are table top grills and some are pull behind ones that you can pull with your truck. The bigger the grill the more meat you can cook.

Electric smokers

3. Electric smokers are a great way to cook your meat over a period of time. You can set the temperature on your smoker and sit back and watch it cook for hours, checking and basting your meat every so often till it’s the perfect temperature. This way of cooking can provide the most moist, tender, juicy meat that you have ever tasted. The smoker flavors the meat with a smoky taste that gives it an interesting aroma and taste.

When cooking your meat don’t forget the most important part of the meal is the sides and without them it just wouldn’t be a BBQ. Add the coleslaw, potato salad, and of course don’t forget the desserts to make it the best BBQ ever. A summer cookout is something that everyone enjoys and is a favorite pastime of families all over the world. Many cultures have been having cookouts for centuries and each one is different. In each and every country they cook something completely different but the concept is still the same. Get some meat, get a grill or smoker, get some sides, and invite the family and friends to have a wonderful meal made with love and dedication to the craft of BBQ.

Eco-Friendly Activities for Employees and Co-Workers

ECO-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIESEmployees, no matter the profession, work hard and they play hard also. Some restaurant workers like to hunt and fish with their families and some just like to go clubbing. Here are a few ideas of activities, that are both inexpensive and eco-friendly, you can do with your co-workers to get to know them better and build a strong work relationship.


Hunting can be a very fun activity when done with family, friends, and co-workers. Many companies do workers retreats to build a stronger working relationship between co-workers. One such retreat can be a hunting retreat like on Duck Dynasty from A&E. Checking out crossbows review can help you to determine which equipment is best for your hunting trip. Most resorts that offer hunting will offer equipment as well.

Paintball wars

A paintball war park is also a great way to build partnership between employees. You form teams and suit up with protective gear and head out into the field. The field will have barrels of hay and barriers for blocking the attack from the other teams. The last person left is the winning team. This will teach your employees about working together for the greater good. There are many areas that have paintball war parks and you can google search for your local area to find the closest one to you.


Camping for the weekend at a company retreat can also build partnership and help co-workers get to know each other better. Some exercises that can be done are trust exercises and survival exercises. These help build a relationship between the employees that will help them to work better together in the restaurant. They have special trust building camping retreats that are designed to work with companies that need help or just want to build a stronger company morale and relationships.

Fishing trips

Fishing trips can be both fun and beneficial to your employees. They help them get to know each other and add a fun activity with it. You can do shore fishing trips or boat trips. Both can be fun and build relationships. Many people love to go fishing and fishing is something that they can connect with and get to know each other better. This builds morale among your workers and bonds that last a lifetime.

Conferences for the food industry

Conferences are not the best option because it usually involves a lot of networking in their field and involves talks and classes but this too can also show the employees what the restaurant business is all about and help build solid teams. Conferences happen every year and usually involve a fun city like Las Vegas or someplace similar. They teach different classes for different fields in the industry and introduce new and exciting ways to market your business and help your employees get along.

Teaching your employees about the business they are in can be a reward in itself but it can also help your business grow. By showing them that they are all part of a bigger thing they will work harder to build the restaurant and harder to maintain the clientele. Many teams are formed at retreats and sometimes you can even weed out the bad eggs that have been causing trouble amongst your employees. This will help you to know who is dedicated to their jobs and who will help build your business a great name, not to mention positively impacting the environment!

Living Without Power-Go Green to the Extreme

Can you live without power? Would you be able to go one year without power in your house? By using natural light during the day, washing your clothes with water and soap and hanging to dry, bathing with boiled water from a fire pit, and cooking over an open flame fire pit you can possibly accomplish this task but would you want to? Some people have been doing this for years. They live off the earth and are truly living green. Maybe try it for a day and see how it feels before taking the plunge to do it for 6 months or a year. Here are a few helpful tips on how to accomplish this without feeling like you’re missing out on something.


This can be easily accomplished with sunlight and candles or flashlights. Choosing the right flash light is important to this experiment. They do make ones that are eco-friendly and they also make some that use solar power to work at night. You have options between hand held lights and ones that you plant in the ground so you can see where you walk. These are all options for lighting when living electricity free.


When washing dishes and clothes you can be creative. Hang a line for your clothes to dry on, use a wash tub such as a bucket or barrel to wash your clothes in with a natural detergent. Scrub with rocks that have been cleaned prior to use. Wring the clothes out and hang them in the hottest part of the day. Washing dishes can be done in a similar way. Using cold water can clean your dishes or you can use fire to heat the water so you can use hot water. Either way is acceptable. Using a natural dish detergent will help sterilize and sanitize the dishes so that they are clean. Use a flat surface in direct sun to dry them once clean.


Many people don’t like cold showers so using fire to heat the water can help with that but you will need a tub to soak in for that to work. If you don’t have a tub taking a cold shower is your only choice but you will adjust to the temperature especially if you shower when it’s the hottest outside. The heat can heat the water to room temperature and make it just a little bit more comfortable and bearable. Using natural soap will aid in your living green experiment. Many companies make natural soaps and detergents so doing research can help you find the right one for you, or you can purchase the supplies and make them yourself. Either way you will be living green.


Electricity has been around for ages but before there was electricity there was fire and fire will cook anything to the perfect temperature. Just time it and check it to make sure you have cooked it thoroughly. You won’t be able to store cold items for long so purchasing them when you are using them will keep things from spoiling. By purchasing sustainable foods you can actually have a healthy diet while living green without needing a stove or a refrigerator to cook or store food.

Living off the Earth can be very rewarding and teach you a little about nature. Many people have lived off the earth for years and have had very healthy lives. So if you’re thinking of living without power know that it can be done and many people have done it before you.



Going green doesn’t mean you have to pass on the latest technology, it can even help!

Earth's Continents Formed Out of LeavesSay you decide to take the family on a “Going Green” weekend camping. Living off the earth and sleeping under the stars. You’re particularly excited because you’re going to spend one of the days fishing and then eating fresh food you caught yourself. Now that’s going green. No fast food this weekend. This weekend is fresh food and clean green living. You didn’t know if it would affect your living green lifestyle that you bought a fish finder to help you locate your family’s dinner. Don’t worry, it didn’t. You’re still the one doing the old school rod and reel fishing with worms, you just have a little help in finding the fish that are out there for the eating. You did your preparation too by looking up the best fish finder reviews and think you’re set.

This weekend excursion has you prepared to spend it a green and eco-friendly manner. You’ve taken containers to recycle anything that you use that can be recycled and packed a prudent eco-friendly manner of which to live on your adventure. You’ve done all your research and you have your family packed and ready to go. Everyone is looking forward to it. Cellphones, tablets, and anything electronic gets left behind at home. You’re going to live as close to the earth as you can and have an eco-friendly weekend no matter what comes your way. Lucky for you, the weather is in your favor and its sunshine and warm days and cool nights in the forecast.

You get in the boat with your family and head out on the lake. You get your fish finder and are pleased with what you got. Going through all those reviews really helped and you learned that having a higher price didn’t always mean higher quality according to some of those reviews. Some of the cheaper fish finders actually turned out to work better for a lot of fishers out there so you decided to follow their advice and tried one out that was on the cheaper end but had the best feedback around.

Wouldn’t you know it the fish finder reviewers were right on the money! Once you found a spot to settle in on the lake the fish were practically jumping into the boat on their own. It did pay off to do a little research and plan out this green weekend. Everyone caught a fish that day and was stoked about having caught dinner the old fashioned way. You weren’t looking forward to cleaning them, but that’s the way to do things the right way. It’s go all the way or don’t go at all.

Dinner turned out to be excellent and the next day you cleaned up your campsite, gathered any recyclables that you had with you to dispose of at home and realized that the next stop on the green bus was to get a family garden started in the backyard. Organic food grown at home. At first you didn’t live a green lifestyle, but now that you were, you were learning it really was enjoyable and left you with a good feeling. That deserves a good pat on the back!

Environmentally Friendly Toys


With the recent attraction to environmentally friendly living many companies have been manufacturing eco-friendly products for your home, your office, and even your kids. Children love toys and with everything becoming eco-friendly, toys are no exception. Here is a list of some eco-friendly toys and where you can find them.


Trampolines are coming in eco-friendly options, search trampolines for sale on google to find options for eco-friendly ones. Some trampolines are spring less and some are made from recycled materials. You just have to do your research to find the best option for your family budget.

Tree Swings

There are a few options for eco-friendly tree swings. You can make your own out of ply wood and rope, or you can purchase one made out of eco-friendly materials from the store. They come in all different types of swings. Some are the bucket seats for babies, some are flat seats, and some are designed like animals. Whichever you choose make sure it’s made with recycled products.

Play Cabins

Play cabins can be made eco-friendly by purchasing building materials that are recyclable. There are many companies out there that make play cabins but if you want something unique you can draw up your own plans and build it yourself making it an activity you can do with your children.

Cars, boats, and airplanes

Every little boy loves cars, boats, and airplanes so when going for an eco-friendly option look for ones that are carved out of wood. Lots of people can whittle their own wooden toys but if your one of those that cannot then purchasing them is just as fine. Many sites online will have a large variety of cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes in many different sizes and colors that you can purchase for pretty reasonable prices.

Wooden blocks sets

Wooden blocks sets are another great option for eco-friendly toys. Boys love to build things and building blocks made of wood are a great way to stay eco-friendly and provide your child with endless amounts of building block fun.

Skuut hardwood toddler Bike

Bikes are every boys dream, they get the freedom of the road, the wind in their hair and the exercise from riding the bike. But the best eco-friendly bike is not one made of metal but one made of wood. The Skuut hardwood toddler bike is made of hardwood and has rubber wheels and an adjustable seat. It’s the perfect option for a bike for a little boy just starting out.

Mini kitchen sets

Mini kitchen sets are the perfect gift for little girls. They love playing house and the favorite part of any house is the kitchen. There are so many interesting things to do in a kitchen and for little girls it’s a wonderland. So when purchasing a kitchen set look for the eco-friendly ones that are made of real wood and natural paints.

These are just a few of the many options you have when providing your children with eco-friendly toys. Parenting can be a challenging thing but one thing that should not be challenging is providing your kids with eco-friendly toys to fuel their imagination and help you to continue to live a green lifestyle.

At your next get together at your house, have an eco-friendly party – Go green!

ECO-FRIENDLY PARTYSo you like to throw get together parties at your house and you always have a theme. You like to do sports or movies or anything that’s big that you’re having the party for in the first place. For your next party, why not do it a little different. Set it up yourself and make it an eco-friendly theme and go green!

You can go green and eco-friendly from the food you serve to the decorations. For example, the food you serve can be locally grown and bought from your farmers market. That way you’re getting it freshly grown, chemical free, and don’t forget to bring your own bag when you pick up your goodies at the market. Try to come up with a theme for the food too, such as taking it up a notch and have food and drinks that are all organic based and if you really want to go hard, make sure everything has a little green in it. That will add a nice touch to a green theme. Use party supplies that you can reuse for another party later on. That’s right now you’re getting it.

When you deck your house out, choose from supplies for your party and you can bring out again and change up a little and recycle them for another get together. Also choose products for your party that are eco-friendly too. It’s a perfect time to show off you’re in the “green game” and your party can be recycled.

Visit your local dollar store and pick up reusable bags for your guests to use as placemats that they can take home after and reuse the next time they go shopping. The dollar store is a great place to browse for items that are eco-friendly to add to your party and are also budget friendly too. When the party is over, save what can be used again and then properly recycle that which can’t at your local recycle bin.

Another thing that you can do to add to your recycle theme is play music at your party from another era. Recycle some 80’s music, or tunes from the 70’s and go with that theme for your party. There are so many possibilities to make your party eco-friendly. Even to go as far as to ask each guest to bring something that can be recycled for another guest to use. Pass around what you don’t use, bring what doesn’t get used anymore and see what others bring and have your own swap meet.

All this can be done and gets the word out to your friends and family that you are serious about making recycling a part of your life and that you’ve found a way to do it and have fun. It can be a part of any basic theme and just adds a little twist to your sports get together or also to you past decade theme you have going. So at your next party, get the word out that eco-friendly can be eco-fun!

Working from home can help you live green!

GOING GREENLots of people are starting to live more green these days. Living green means to live without chemicals in your life, it can also mean cutting back on your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is what you expel into the world, the chemicals you use and the impact that you have on the environment. Most towns have a recycling program for its residents. This will help reduce the waste in the world but if the recycling plant uses chemicals to recycle the plastic, glass, and metal then they are just adding to the problem. Living a chemical free life can be very difficult for some people. People like to use many different products for their household cleaning needs and choosing the right one can be difficult if you don’t know the ingredients. Some companies cleaners are all-natural and those are the best ones to use if you’re living green.

Other ways to live green can be buy working at home. Most people get up and drive to work in there gas or diesel fueled vehicles which emits toxins into the air. One way to eliminate the toxins that you emit into the air is to work from home. One such job you can do working from home would be writing music for commercials. To do this all you need is a beat making program on your computer. If you’re very musically talented this is a career option that you can do from home. You can also do this for a website that has a low carbon footprint to sell your beats to clients. This prevents you from having to use your car to travel around and apply for commercial jobs.

Some other ways to live green and work from home would be growing vegetables and fruit for a farmers market. If you happen to have a large enough piece of land to grow vegetables and fruit in large scale then you can take them to a local farmers market and sell them to green organic eaters. Fresh grown vegetables are always a way to eat healthy and green. Farmers markets can be found in many different towns and cities. Most of them have a small co-op fee to sell there but the fee is definitely worth it if you have enough vegetables and fruits to sell and make a living.

Many people recycle trash into new and interesting things. Some interesting things that can be from recycled items is lawn ornaments, decorative art work, and wooden bird houses. People have made picnic tables from recycled pallets and they can be very decorative and useful. Many people like recycled products and it’s a very big market. This is something you can do at home in your shed that is a green alternative to working outside of the home. Crafts are a great way to be green and make an income. There are many different craft fairs all over the world where people go and sell their recycled stuff to customers who love recycled stuff. Furniture is a good way to recycle wood such as lumber that isn’t used or previously used or logs from fallen trees.

With all these options for living green by working at home you can be sure to eliminate your carbon footprint and reduce your waist going into the landfills. This is the perfect way to live green.

5 Ways to Make Your Life More Eco Friendly

You might think you are pretty eco-friendly with your reusable shopping bags and desire to buy local. But there are a few things that many people overlook when it comes to making your life more green. Not only will these ideas help save you money and benefit the environment but they will also give you a little something more to be proud of.

air filtering plantsAdd Air Filtering Plants Indoors

We already know that plants are essential for the production of oxygen in the air but did you know that some plants really go the extra mile for us? Plants that naturally filter the air help improve the air quality for you and your plants. They do not just produce oxygen for you but they also absorb harmful chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde and benzene. Some plants to try out in your house include:

  • English Ivy
  • Spider Plant
  • Bamboo
  • Weeping Fig
  • Gerber Daisy
  • Crysanthemum
  • Snake Plant

Bike to Work

The luxury of your car is a hard one to pass up but trading in your emissions-producing, gas-guzzling vehicle a few days per week to enjoy the benefits of a bike is good for you and the environment. Individuals that live in larger cities report that they are able to get to work faster by riding a bike than they would on public transportation or in a car. A bicycle gives you the ability to get from point A to point B while working out your body. It’s definitely a two-fer.

Upgrade Your Diet

Switch out processed food for healthier options to decrease waste and give you more nutrients. Here is what we are saying, instead of grabbing a pre-mixed protein shake that is laden with sugar and preservatives, try Julie’s Protein Site for quick and easy recipes. By combining your favorite organic protein with fresh fruits and vegetables for the local farmers market you will get more nutrients in your shake. This helps create a much healthier you.

Get a Compost Bin

Even if you live in the city you can benefit from a compost bin. Many city dwellers get a small countertop or porch version which they can use to compost left over fruits, vegetables, egg shells and coffee grounds. You can even go a step further and use the mulch you create for planting your own vegetables and herbs.

Apartment gardens are all the rage now with individuals using window boxes and even hanging wall planters to grow their own food. This is a great idea if you are really looking to cut the cost of your grocery bill and utilize the composted materials that you create. If you really want to get adventurous then consider building your own compost bin.

Reuse or Repurpose Your Plastic Bags

Despite our best intentions, we often end up with a surplus of plastic bags because our reusable ones have been forgotten. Don’t get too worried about creating extra waste. There are plenty of cool ideas for reusing and repurposing your plastic bags. First, you can your these bags to pick up pet waste on the go. You might even want to consider dropping them off at the local shelter for their own uses. Second, you can repurposes your plastic bags into craft elements like creating a knitted plastic bag purse.

Cloth Diapers Make a Comeback in an Environmentally Conscious World

my dental hygienist schoolMany, many, MANY years ago there was no such thing as picking up disposable diapers at your local grocery store. Parents were limited to using cloth diapers which consisted of heavy duty cloth and a few pins. Cleaning these dirty diapers was just one of the unpleasant job duties of being a parent. Disposable diapers changed the world of parenting for the better but when studies revealed that these items were filling up landfills – fast – parents wondered what they could do.

Enter the cloth diaper revolution.

The modern cloth diaper is stylish and durable. Parents can choose from washable or disposable inserts. This allows the diaper itself to last up to one week without being washed. Of course, cloth diapers are no longer just a simple cloth you origami fold on your baby. Now they come with plush fabrics, waterproof covers and extra frills and designs for every type of child.

It is estimated that cloth diapers save parents around $1300 per kid. Some might say this is crazy but many parents agree that it is just what makes cents (get it?). When you are working on a budget, sparing that extra $60 per week on diapers can go a long way in keeping your family afloat. This is the “side effect” of choosing to be eco-friendly. Best of all, there are numerous websites where you can find out more about cloth diapering, parenting solutions for diapers and even sell or trade your used diapers as your child grows.

 But what’s the big deal?

The idea of standing over a tub of hot water and Borax, soaking your child’s diapers only to then wash them by hand or in a machine can seem daunting. It is almost like you are stepping back into the stone-age. Plenty of parents have a hard time getting on board with the entire concept. If they are not concerned about the financials then disposable diapers are an easy convenience that just can’t be passed up.

But here is the thing, cloth diapers are helping to change the world. You are not just decreasing landfill waste but you are also helping home-based entrepreneurs put food on their own tables. When you choose to purchase cloth diapers from a crafter via sites like Etsy then you are supporting someone who is crafting to make ends meet. Big name companies aren’t out there making cloth diapers because they know that disposable diapers are reusable and therefore continue to generate revenue for them. In fact, some would argue that big manufacturers don’t even care if you buy their diapers because you are just a drop in the bucket.

But when you support small business owners then you are helping change their world. There are even small businesses popping up around the country that specialize in affordable cloth diaper delivery. With these services, you can support a local business and skip the hassle of cleaning your own diaper inserts. They arrange pickup and drop off once per week for your convenience!

Cloth diapering is one of the best eco-friendly options you can make as a parent today. Why not give it a try and see just what good you can do for the community and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Options to Help the Sick

ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOWith all of the chemicals in foods and the pollution of out air and water it is a wonder that everyone on Earth isn’t sick. It is a sad thing that with all of this going on there are really still people who never recycle and people who will throw anything on the ground even when a trash can is right next to them. So many people have risen up to help this planet and that is a truly amazing thing. To care so much about the future of others is a great cause and the environment is the biggest part of our next generation and the one after and so forth, being healthy and living in a home that is not next to a landfill. People dispose of chemicals anywhere they want, big companies dump whatever they can anywhere despite the EPA regulations and some people just don’t care about any of it at all.

The sad truth is that there are boats at sea with trash on them because there is nowhere to put it. As it is there are too many landfills, if people keep throwing away things that could have been recycled than soon this planet will be nothing more than a giant dump filled to the brim with trash. We have enough nuclear weaponry to kill 9 billon people. With enough bombs to kill more people than there are on the whole planet they keep making more and yet there isn’t enough money for scientific research into recycling things that we have yet to find a way to or to fund research on alternative clean energies. It is a sad world that we live in and it is the only one that we have so people need to be more considerate about what it means to throw away cardboard and make bobs instead of solar panels.ENVIRONMENTAL WAYS

Sadly so many people are ill because of the state of the world that we live in now. They are exposed to asbestos, carcinogens and God knows what else and they are getting cancer and other serious illnesses all because we don’t have a cleaner planet. Someone has to be there to help those who have already been affected too much by this environments state of disarray. We need more doctors who are kind and warm, more receptionists who take into account what these people are going through and more phlebotomists who are gentle and friendly to make the nerve wracking blood tests more pleasant.

There have to be people out there who really care about the sick and who genuinely want to help them to feel better. I don’t just mean by treating their illnesses but by treating them well. They should be treated with kindness and respect and people should put themselves in the shoes of the sick more often. If you want to help than go into medical school, become a nurse, be the best receptionist in the world, or even do something as simple as taking a look at phlebotomy class listings so that you can truly make a different to them.