Cloth Diapers Make a Comeback in an Environmentally Conscious World

my dental hygienist schoolMany, many, MANY years ago there was no such thing as picking up disposable diapers at your local grocery store. Parents were limited to using cloth diapers which consisted of heavy duty cloth and a few pins. Cleaning these dirty diapers was just one of the unpleasant job duties of being a parent. Disposable diapers changed the world of parenting for the better but when studies revealed that these items were filling up landfills – fast – parents wondered what they could do.

Enter the cloth diaper revolution.

The modern cloth diaper is stylish and durable. Parents can choose from washable or disposable inserts. This allows the diaper itself to last up to one week without being washed. Of course, cloth diapers are no longer just a simple cloth you origami fold on your baby. Now they come with plush fabrics, waterproof covers and extra frills and designs for every type of child.

It is estimated that cloth diapers save parents around $1300 per kid. Some might say this is crazy but many parents agree that it is just what makes cents (get it?). When you are working on a budget, sparing that extra $60 per week on diapers can go a long way in keeping your family afloat. This is the “side effect” of choosing to be eco-friendly. Best of all, there are numerous websites where you can find out more about cloth diapering, parenting solutions for diapers and even sell or trade your used diapers as your child grows.

 But what’s the big deal?

The idea of standing over a tub of hot water and Borax, soaking your child’s diapers only to then wash them by hand or in a machine can seem daunting. It is almost like you are stepping back into the stone-age. Plenty of parents have a hard time getting on board with the entire concept. If they are not concerned about the financials then disposable diapers are an easy convenience that just can’t be passed up.

But here is the thing, cloth diapers are helping to change the world. You are not just decreasing landfill waste but you are also helping home-based entrepreneurs put food on their own tables. When you choose to purchase cloth diapers from a crafter via sites like Etsy then you are supporting someone who is crafting to make ends meet. Big name companies aren’t out there making cloth diapers because they know that disposable diapers are reusable and therefore continue to generate revenue for them. In fact, some would argue that big manufacturers don’t even care if you buy their diapers because you are just a drop in the bucket.

But when you support small business owners then you are helping change their world. There are even small businesses popping up around the country that specialize in affordable cloth diaper delivery. With these services, you can support a local business and skip the hassle of cleaning your own diaper inserts. They arrange pickup and drop off once per week for your convenience!

Cloth diapering is one of the best eco-friendly options you can make as a parent today. Why not give it a try and see just what good you can do for the community and the environment.

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