Eco-Friendly Options to Help the Sick

ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOWith all of the chemicals in foods and the pollution of out air and water it is a wonder that everyone on Earth isn’t sick. It is a sad thing that with all of this going on there are really still people who never recycle and people who will throw anything on the ground even when a trash can is right next to them. So many people have risen up to help this planet and that is a truly amazing thing. To care so much about the future of others is a great cause and the environment is the biggest part of our next generation and the one after and so forth, being healthy and living in a home that is not next to a landfill. People dispose of chemicals anywhere they want, big companies dump whatever they can anywhere despite the EPA regulations and some people just don’t care about any of it at all.

The sad truth is that there are boats at sea with trash on them because there is nowhere to put it. As it is there are too many landfills, if people keep throwing away things that could have been recycled than soon this planet will be nothing more than a giant dump filled to the brim with trash. We have enough nuclear weaponry to kill 9 billon people. With enough bombs to kill more people than there are on the whole planet they keep making more and yet there isn’t enough money for scientific research into recycling things that we have yet to find a way to or to fund research on alternative clean energies. It is a sad world that we live in and it is the only one that we have so people need to be more considerate about what it means to throw away cardboard and make bobs instead of solar panels.ENVIRONMENTAL WAYS

Sadly so many people are ill because of the state of the world that we live in now. They are exposed to asbestos, carcinogens and God knows what else and they are getting cancer and other serious illnesses all because we don’t have a cleaner planet. Someone has to be there to help those who have already been affected too much by this environments state of disarray. We need more doctors who are kind and warm, more receptionists who take into account what these people are going through and more phlebotomists who are gentle and friendly to make the nerve wracking blood tests more pleasant.

There have to be people out there who really care about the sick and who genuinely want to help them to feel better. I don’t just mean by treating their illnesses but by treating them well. They should be treated with kindness and respect and people should put themselves in the shoes of the sick more often. If you want to help than go into medical school, become a nurse, be the best receptionist in the world, or even do something as simple as taking a look at phlebotomy class listings so that you can truly make a different to them.

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