Go green with children’s toys and take eco-friendly to a whole new level, your child’s!

ECOFRIENDLYToys that are eco-friendly have been starting to hit the market in droves.  It’s making those of us who are trying be more eco-friendly and conscious about our environment happy to see our child playing green too.  These toys today are friendly not just to our children’s play time, but they are parent friendly too as well as to our Earth as well.  To be a truly organic toy, they should be made from recycled materials, wood that is renewable, and come from sustainable sources too.  Natural toys take your child away from the game controller and into playtime that they use their imagination and reach new levels with traditional toys and original ones too.

Something as simple as a swing made out of wood into a wooden horse for your child to enjoy and have fun swinging on can be a great way to experience natural toys.  Toy boats to play with during bath time or anywhere there’s water to play by such as a pool or lake.  A tea set made from completely recycled plastics to stimulate your child’s play.  There’s so much out there to choose from.

Dump trucks and cars that they can play with abound.  There’s’ even natural modeling dough to create whatever crosses their mind to mold and it’s made from natural plant dyes as well so they have brilliant all natural colors to mold and play with.

It’s time to take a look and see how much there is to offer you and your child in the way of eco-friendly toys and more.  You can watch your child have just as much fun with safe, all-natural toys made from eco-friendly sources than they do with their video games.  They’re toys, and there’s more out there than you might think offhand.

Toys that they can play like they are in the kitchen cooking and playing with wooden or recycled plastic items that fuel their inspirations to play.  They can have toys that resemble things that they see in your kitchen, just kid sized.  From child stoves and ovens to dishes and even wooden toys that look like food that they can pretend to cook and make and they are all environmentally safe and produced to bring joy to kids to play in a green lifestyle.  They don’t see a toy frying pan with eggs to put in it to cook that are made from all recycled materials, they see just what it is, a frying pan and eggs to play grown up chef with.

There are dolls and rocking horses and just about any toy you can think of for kids of all ages to enjoy and take pleasure in. There are toys for your baby to rattle and snuggle as they crawl around in their funny baby clothes that they don’t get the words or pictures on their onesies yet, but we find so cute to see them in. From toddlers learning shapes and colors and toys for older children who want to play with cars and trucks; there’s an eco-friendly toy out there calling you and your child to come explore the world of natural toys.

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