Encourage your work colleagues to go Green

If you try your best to protect the environment it can be frustrating when your friends or colleagues at work don’t seem to worry about the damage they may be doing to the world. Here are some great tips on ways you can encourage your work-mates to make some small changes in their lives and at work that will have a big impact on the environment.

Use recycling bins

Firstly, if you done have recycling bins at work ask your boss if he would consider getting some. Most bosses would probably be happy to do their bit for the environment and if you get the boss on side it will be easier to educate your work-mates. Once you have the bins send a memo around to everyone informing them what they can now recycle, or if you are from a small office just spread the word verbally. You might have to be vigilant for a while and pull people up if you notice they are not putting soda cans in the recycling bin for example, or they are not recycling newspapers or magazines after they have finished with them. You might feel a bit like the recycling police to begin with, but once your work colleagues get use to using them it will get easier. When they realise how easy it is to use recycling bins you could then suggest they implement them into the home.

Encourage less paper use

In today’s world it is easy enough not to use so much paper. It might be a good start to talk to the person at work who buys office stock and see if they are happy to order recycled paper in the first place. This is a good start. Perhaps you could also speak to your boss and see if he is happy enough to get involved and use less paper. If he keeps paper records for example you could suggest he looks at using a SaaS Dashboard to keep track of his business activities. If you have work colleagues that read magazines or newspapers suggest they read online ones instead. They can use their tablet, mobile phone or computer to do this. Tell them how many tress they will save in a year between them. You could suggest to the secretary that she makes notes on her tablet or smartphone instead of scribbling things down on paper. Be brave and don’t be afraid to point out to your work colleagues if you see them wasting paper unnecessarily.

Save energy

This should be the easiest to implement. If you have the support of your boss you could suggest a staff meeting and ask everyone to make a conscious effort to turn off the lights in an empty room. You could also ask them to make sure they shut down all electrical equipment that can be shut down after working hours and unplug the appliance rather than leaving it on stand-by or still plugged into the socket. This also reduces fire hazards as well so it will keep everyone safe.

Save fuel

Most of your work-mates probably live quite close together so you might be able to instigate a car share scheme. Not only will everyone save on petrol costs they will be protecting the environment and helping to keep down traffic congestion. It’s a win-win situation.

It’s not so difficult to get your work-mates to go green. It might take a little time and effort but long term it will be worth it and you can then give yourself a pat on the back for doing your bit to help protect our beautiful world.

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