What Companies Produce The Most Environmentally Safe Frac Sand?

There are ways to produce frac sand that is more environmentally friendly. Public health threats have been increasing day by day due to the health hazards caused by frac sand and hydraulic fracturing even though technology is striving hard to extract the resources in an environmentally friendly way. Exposure to silica found in the frac sand can cause lung diseases like cancer, bronchitis, etc. This health threat has been detected by the Occupational safety and health administration to warn the dangers of breathing silica dust by the health hazard workers. Though hydraulic fracturing has been prohibited a few miles from schools, homes and residential communities experiencing natural gas and oil exposure, people are still at risk.


Silica and sand mines in Minnesota and Wisconsin are very closely affected; hence there are ample numbers of companies who are trying to support the most environmentally safe frac sand. Minnesota pollution control agency has already notified the health risks in their territory, but not much has the efforts working for the betterment of the public. So you may be wondering what might be the reason for this. Health risks caused by the frac sand and hydraulic fracturing is not fully understood by many.


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Introducing you to various frac sand producing companies

Almost 5 years ago, there were just a few companies which were in the market and producing the most environmentally safe frac sand. As the time changed, the current market has ample numbers of companies emerging in the frac sand production as well as its marketing business. The increased demand of frac sand, especially environmentally safe frac sand production has grown to heights. Companies like 10k international, cameron rail site, Canadian sand and proppants, EOG resources, Great northern sand mine, Midwest Frac, Sandy Burder, etc, have been striving hard to produce the most environmentally safe Frac sand. To get quotes on frac sand you can visit – http://www.buyfracsand.net/



These companies produce frac sand as well as other operations related to it, including mining sites, loading stations, raw material processing sites, etc. These companies operate in single facilities where sand is mined, processed and loaded – all in one facility. Companies like EOG have a network of multiple conglomerations of various mines which serve as a single processing plant and loading facility at Chippewa Falls. Besides this, they use all possible natural and environmentally safe processing methods which are most expected in the modern polluted environment.


U.S. Silica

U.S. Silica is another company uses hydraulic processing without using much of chemicals and environmentally harmful techniques in order to break the dense rock formations so oil and gas can flow to the top of the rocks. This will allow easy extraction of the oil and gas from rocks. The sand obtained from the fracking process props open some tiny pathways which were earlier trapped so that the fossil fuels can easily escape.



BNSF Railroad

This company along with U.S. Silica is building hub for distributing sand easily across states. They are also experimenting with the environmentally safe techniques for extraction, processing and distributing of frac sand across the country.

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