Working from home can help you live green!

GOING GREENLots of people are starting to live more green these days. Living green means to live without chemicals in your life, it can also mean cutting back on your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is what you expel into the world, the chemicals you use and the impact that you have on the environment. Most towns have a recycling program for its residents. This will help reduce the waste in the world but if the recycling plant uses chemicals to recycle the plastic, glass, and metal then they are just adding to the problem. Living a chemical free life can be very difficult for some people. People like to use many different products for their household cleaning needs and choosing the right one can be difficult if you don’t know the ingredients. Some companies cleaners are all-natural and those are the best ones to use if you’re living green.

Other ways to live green can be buy working at home. Most people get up and drive to work in there gas or diesel fueled vehicles which emits toxins into the air. One way to eliminate the toxins that you emit into the air is to work from home. One such job you can do working from home would be writing music for commercials. To do this all you need is a beat making program on your computer. If you’re very musically talented this is a career option that you can do from home. You can also do this for a website that has a low carbon footprint to sell your beats to clients. This prevents you from having to use your car to travel around and apply for commercial jobs.

Some other ways to live green and work from home would be growing vegetables and fruit for a farmers market. If you happen to have a large enough piece of land to grow vegetables and fruit in large scale then you can take them to a local farmers market and sell them to green organic eaters. Fresh grown vegetables are always a way to eat healthy and green. Farmers markets can be found in many different towns and cities. Most of them have a small co-op fee to sell there but the fee is definitely worth it if you have enough vegetables and fruits to sell and make a living.

Many people recycle trash into new and interesting things. Some interesting things that can be from recycled items is lawn ornaments, decorative art work, and wooden bird houses. People have made picnic tables from recycled pallets and they can be very decorative and useful. Many people like recycled products and it’s a very big market. This is something you can do at home in your shed that is a green alternative to working outside of the home. Crafts are a great way to be green and make an income. There are many different craft fairs all over the world where people go and sell their recycled stuff to customers who love recycled stuff. Furniture is a good way to recycle wood such as lumber that isn’t used or previously used or logs from fallen trees.

With all these options for living green by working at home you can be sure to eliminate your carbon footprint and reduce your waist going into the landfills. This is the perfect way to live green.

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