At your next get together at your house, have an eco-friendly party – Go green!

ECO-FRIENDLY PARTYSo you like to throw get together parties at your house and you always have a theme. You like to do sports or movies or anything that’s big that you’re having the party for in the first place. For your next party, why not do it a little different. Set it up yourself and make it an eco-friendly theme and go green!

You can go green and eco-friendly from the food you serve to the decorations. For example, the food you serve can be locally grown and bought from your farmers market. That way you’re getting it freshly grown, chemical free, and don’t forget to bring your own bag when you pick up your goodies at the market. Try to come up with a theme for the food too, such as taking it up a notch and have food and drinks that are all organic based and if you really want to go hard, make sure everything has a little green in it. That will add a nice touch to a green theme. Use party supplies that you can reuse for another party later on. That’s right now you’re getting it.

When you deck your house out, choose from supplies for your party and you can bring out again and change up a little and recycle them for another get together. Also choose products for your party that are eco-friendly too. It’s a perfect time to show off you’re in the “green game” and your party can be recycled.

Visit your local dollar store and pick up reusable bags for your guests to use as placemats that they can take home after and reuse the next time they go shopping. The dollar store is a great place to browse for items that are eco-friendly to add to your party and are also budget friendly too. When the party is over, save what can be used again and then properly recycle that which can’t at your local recycle bin.

Another thing that you can do to add to your recycle theme is play music at your party from another era. Recycle some 80’s music, or tunes from the 70’s and go with that theme for your party. There are so many possibilities to make your party eco-friendly. Even to go as far as to ask each guest to bring something that can be recycled for another guest to use. Pass around what you don’t use, bring what doesn’t get used anymore and see what others bring and have your own swap meet.

All this can be done and gets the word out to your friends and family that you are serious about making recycling a part of your life and that you’ve found a way to do it and have fun. It can be a part of any basic theme and just adds a little twist to your sports get together or also to you past decade theme you have going. So at your next party, get the word out that eco-friendly can be eco-fun!

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