What is a hidden benefit of being environmentally conscious and friendly “green style?”

GOING GREEN PHOTONowadays it seems we’re coming together as a collective and realizing that we are combining our efforts from recycling to growing our own veggies and eating fresh food.  It all seems to be about working on environmentally being green from the inside out.

One way to be green is when it comes to researching things that you want more information with that you give your address too and then they send you a ton of mail  which a.) is non-recyclable and b.) just gets thrown out as it piles up.  So why not when you need information take to the information superhighway, the internet.  Be careful though, sometimes when you give out your information you are automatically put on a mailing list and will start receiving a bevy of unwanted mailings all trying to get your business when instead all you wanted was to ask a question or get a quote.

Take insurance for instance; auto, home, life, etc.  Searchers of information beware, you’re about to be swimming in a pool of envelopes within a week or less.  There’s an easy way to do it though, find sites that advertise that they can give you quotes online and immediately show you the information you’re looking for.

Life insurance is something that you might be looking into for instance.  There’s a site you can visit that will not only give you their latest rates just by entering what you’re looking for.  Another great thing that they can offer to cut back on unwanted mail, is saving you the time and mailbox space by getting quotes and rates to compare from other life insurance companies by doing it all for you.  So don’t even think of going down a list of numbers or sites one by one getting quotes and on mailing lists for each one you’re researching when you can click on the link above and get latest rates tailored to your age, say if you’re over 60.  GO GREEN PHOTO

So why not use such a service to be your one stop shop.  See what comparison rates are with other companies and other packages that could be offered.  It even sounds good and so much better than sitting down, getting on the phone just to be put on a mailing list that doesn’t even seem to have an end in sight.  They add up too, it gets to the point where you label it junk mail and toss it without even opening it to read anymore.  It’s all been said and quoted and will keep being said and quoted until you get it across to them that you don’t want to be on their mailing list anymore and to please take you off, or until you sign up with them.

Signing up with them could also put you in a new mailing group of more junk mail that you don’t even bother looking at anymore.  Just another non-environmentally pile of useless papers that build up.  So it’s time to jump on the internet and do your researches just be sure you know what you’re giving your address out for.  Most sites will let you know why they need it, but some don’t so be sure to check before you give all your information out.  It could save you from a houseful of unwanted mailings.



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