Living Without Power-Go Green to the Extreme

Can you live without power? Would you be able to go one year without power in your house? By using natural light during the day, washing your clothes with water and soap and hanging to dry, bathing with boiled water from a fire pit, and cooking over an open flame fire pit you can possibly accomplish this task but would you want to? Some people have been doing this for years. They live off the earth and are truly living green. Maybe try it for a day and see how it feels before taking the plunge to do it for 6 months or a year. Here are a few helpful tips on how to accomplish this without feeling like you’re missing out on something.


This can be easily accomplished with sunlight and candles or flashlights. Choosing the right flash light is important to this experiment. They do make ones that are eco-friendly and they also make some that use solar power to work at night. You have options between hand held lights and ones that you plant in the ground so you can see where you walk. These are all options for lighting when living electricity free.


When washing dishes and clothes you can be creative. Hang a line for your clothes to dry on, use a wash tub such as a bucket or barrel to wash your clothes in with a natural detergent. Scrub with rocks that have been cleaned prior to use. Wring the clothes out and hang them in the hottest part of the day. Washing dishes can be done in a similar way. Using cold water can clean your dishes or you can use fire to heat the water so you can use hot water. Either way is acceptable. Using a natural dish detergent will help sterilize and sanitize the dishes so that they are clean. Use a flat surface in direct sun to dry them once clean.


Many people don’t like cold showers so using fire to heat the water can help with that but you will need a tub to soak in for that to work. If you don’t have a tub taking a cold shower is your only choice but you will adjust to the temperature especially if you shower when it’s the hottest outside. The heat can heat the water to room temperature and make it just a little bit more comfortable and bearable. Using natural soap will aid in your living green experiment. Many companies make natural soaps and detergents so doing research can help you find the right one for you, or you can purchase the supplies and make them yourself. Either way you will be living green.


Electricity has been around for ages but before there was electricity there was fire and fire will cook anything to the perfect temperature. Just time it and check it to make sure you have cooked it thoroughly. You won’t be able to store cold items for long so purchasing them when you are using them will keep things from spoiling. By purchasing sustainable foods you can actually have a healthy diet while living green without needing a stove or a refrigerator to cook or store food.

Living off the Earth can be very rewarding and teach you a little about nature. Many people have lived off the earth for years and have had very healthy lives. So if you’re thinking of living without power know that it can be done and many people have done it before you.



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