3 Ways to Cook Outside (and save energy too!)

OUTDOOR COOKINGEverybody loves a BBQ and what better way to get BBQ than to grill it yourself. There are many ways to BBQ your favorite meats. Summer time is the best time to BBQ. You can invite all your friends over and have a cookout with all the summer time foods. Some of the best summertime foods is potato salad, backed beans, garlic bread, and a delicious leafy green salad. But first you need to have a grill or smoker. They have all different types of smokers some are electric, some are charcoal, and some are wood. The best smoker is determined by what you like to use best. You can find the best electric smoker under $200 by searching online. Whether you choose a smoker or a grill you’re going to need some options and here is 3 ways to cook BBQ outside.

Open pit grills

1. Open pit grill is a great way to cook BBQ during the summer or even winter months. You can build this yourself with cement blocks and a wire rack. You can build it to your specific specifications and make it small or big. Some can be as big as a whole hog and some are just the size needed for burgers and steaks. Either way you make it you will get some really flavorful meat.

Store bought charcoal grills

2. A store bought charcoal grill is another option for grilling meats during the summer and winter months. They are designed to hold enough charcoal to grill burgers, steaks, ribs, and maybe a Boston butt or two. Charcoal grills are designed so that you can apply your meat directly to the heat or off to the side so that it smokes the meat till it’s juicy and done. There are many types of charcoal grills some are table top grills and some are pull behind ones that you can pull with your truck. The bigger the grill the more meat you can cook.

Electric smokers

3. Electric smokers are a great way to cook your meat over a period of time. You can set the temperature on your smoker and sit back and watch it cook for hours, checking and basting your meat every so often till it’s the perfect temperature. This way of cooking can provide the most moist, tender, juicy meat that you have ever tasted. The smoker flavors the meat with a smoky taste that gives it an interesting aroma and taste.

When cooking your meat don’t forget the most important part of the meal is the sides and without them it just wouldn’t be a BBQ. Add the coleslaw, potato salad, and of course don’t forget the desserts to make it the best BBQ ever. A summer cookout is something that everyone enjoys and is a favorite pastime of families all over the world. Many cultures have been having cookouts for centuries and each one is different. In each and every country they cook something completely different but the concept is still the same. Get some meat, get a grill or smoker, get some sides, and invite the family and friends to have a wonderful meal made with love and dedication to the craft of BBQ.

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