A Patch for Those Sick In Motion

motion sicknessHave you ever fallen ill suddenly when riding in a car, a boat, a train, even a plane? Well, you’re not alone. Many people suffer what we all know well to be motion sickness, and there isn’t really a “cure” to fixing the problem permanently.

More people suffer every day with this sickness and a lot of the times they just have to bare with it or lie down. With that said, doctors have created something that will help relieve this problem known as the motion sickness patch. How does someone know or fall victim to motion sickness? It’s not entirely sure on why it happens to people, but the symptoms are clear as day.

The first thing to ask yourself is how often do you get sick and when. Next, think of your symptoms; motion sickness patients often or not deal with one or many symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, weakness, and possibly irritability. If these one or more of these symptoms occur while you are in moving transportation, then you may suffer from motion sickness.

motion sickness1While some cases are mild, many try to overcome their sickness by taking over the counter medicine. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help the majority of people suffering from motion sickness. What people don’t know is when someone suffers from motion sickness, their brain can’t understand why you’re standing still almost immobile but your environment all around you is in motion.

To relieve the stress, people who often tend to look out the window, however this practice usually makes these symptoms worse. Before the patch was created, people used to rely on pressure point wristbands. Pressure point wristbands are bands with a ball underneath that push on your wrist’s pressure points, helping you with motion sickness symptoms. For people with mild cases of motion sickness, this has been the best option. The added pressure on the pressure points helps circulate blood flow back to the brain. Sometimes though, these pressure points don’t work well with severe cases of motion sickness. These people turn to Motion Sickness Patches. These patches can come in all different kinds of brands, shapes, and sizes.

motion sickness2Whether they work or not is entirely dependent on the person. These patches will prevent any kinda of nausea and vomiting that overcomes someone while on a moving vehicle. They typically last for about 72 hours (Good for those long flights!). Some patches can cause drowsiness, so as always when picking up a patch for yourself, ask your doctor. Often times, we need that extra help to overcome the nausea and vomiting that comes in a package deal with motion sickness. Fortunately, the patches that are offered to people are your best and safest bet for relieving severe motion sickness.

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