Top 3 ways you can have your protein shakes and be considered taking the green, healthy path


You can make them at home using your water filter that you have attached to your sink because you care about what comes out of it and want to help keep it green. It’s nice to know you’re mixing your shakes with fresh water.  Plus, you don’t have to buy cans or plastic bottles of already made protein shakes either.  This is something you can monitor at home on your own schedule and monitor the amount you want to intake; use that which works the best for you at what point you are in your regimen.

You might be a woman trying to boost a nutrient schedule to lead a more healthy lifestyle and control your intake with vitamins and supplements or maybe its weight loss protein shakes for women to try to that route in a healthy way, you’re providing fresh, clean water and not wasting a bunch of pre-bottled water containers to do it since you have the water ready to go from your own sink.

Reason #2

Providing your own bottle and mixing equipment is a great way to take the path of protein shakes to a green level.  You can wash your own bottle and reuse it to your heart’s content.  Whether you shake it or use a blender, you can go about washing the container or equipment and not wasting bottles or cans.  It sounds simple and well, that’s because it is.  You’re cleaning your own bottles and not wasting extra ones and also you’re saving a few bucks from having to buy your product each time it’s shake time.

Taking this route is good and saves the environment extra waste materials.  Besides, you have your own bottle so you can easily control how much or how little product you want to use that fits your regimen.  As you progress through the stages of where you are in fitness or in weight loss you might need to make changes to the amount of powder you use per shake.

Reason #3

Basically this reason is personal.  It’s taking care of yourself, after all you’re your own best environment.   You survive within yourself each day.  You want to keep things in your life green and eco-friendly and this should mean the way you live.  Doing these things helps keep you green and healthy on the inside such as using your own filtered water from your sink, and also promotes you to feeling good on the outside too knowing that you’re helping keep the environment clean by not wasting bottles and other products such as cans.

Ever hear the saying ‘You’re your own worst enemy’?  Well, you’re your own best friend too.  It’s time you got yourself back on the playing field taking something that you’ve added to your lifestyle such as protein shakes and keeping it green all the way around from the inside out.  It’s also more economical ways by filtered water to your own containers than buying extra products when you don’t need to, which is also keeping you green, with cash that is.  A little bit here and there that you save, will grow over time.  In yourself and in your wallet!

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