Safer Bikes For The Environment & Your Health?

single speed bikes2Different kinds of bicycle are surfacing the market nowadays. Many are used for recreational activities while others are used to promote a healthier lifestyle. These bicycles are given so much credit especially by enthusiasts because it gives them sense of relaxation and thrill. The most common type of bicycle in stores today is the single speed bicycle. It is presumably the simplest yet the most durable bicycle at this time. Single speed is the drive train of a bicycle consisting of its gears and chains. Some bicycles have multiple speeds wherein one or two mechanism assist in gear shifting. This method would make pedalling faster and easier even under diverse circumstances such as the condition of roads and speed of the bicycle. Single Speed bikes Adelaide offers bikes or various type, genre and can aid you according to your preferences.

single speed bikes1Types of Single Speed Bicycles

 Single speed bicycles have two main types: the freewheel bicycle and the fixed gear bicycle. A freewheel bicycle has a rotating component mounted at the rear wheel, freely. This mechanism permits bicycle to glide smoothly even in action and avoiding the cranks from spinning. It is generally recommended for beginner cyclists.

The second type of single speed bicycle is the fixed gear bicycle. As the name implies, it consists of a fixed rear gear that could maintain the spinning action of cranks especially when the bicycle is moving. It allows the cyclists to slow down or stop the bike using the pedals. This is more commonly suitable for advanced stage riders and city riders.

single speed bikes3Features of a Single Speed Bicycle

Single speed bicycles are just like any other ordinary bicycles. It does not contain any extra gears and the only moving parts are the wheels, brakes and cranks. This set up would facilitate an easier and simpler adjustment if need arises. The bicycle utilizes horizontal dropouts on the rear frame. It helps the chain to stretch up to its maximum effective chain length even after several instances of tension from normal abrasions.

This type of bicycle is very manageable. Beginner cyclists could make their own adjustments to several gears since only minimal knowledge is required to complete any tune up to the drive train of the bicycle.

Characteristically, single speed bicycles contain very minimal gears and designs. This keeps them intact under normal use and care. Breakage is also uncommon for this type of bicycle. It is greatly used by city riders as means of land transportation since its speed over flat ground is not erratic.

Disadvantages of Single Speed Bicycles

All inventions are considerably not perfect. Even the single speed bicycle has its own drawback. Here are some of which:

The major disadvantage of a single speed bicycle is that it is deficient of multiple speeds that could make it harder for riders to shift to a larger gear for uphill rides or downshift to a smaller gear when at high speeds. This fact hinders the probable cause or performance of a single speed bike on hilltop terrain. It will probably be left out when compared or competed to multiple gear bicycles during inconsistent inclines.

Another disadvantage is that, single speed bicycles may entail gear replacements more often than multiple geared bikes since damages to chain are compacted on a single chain whereas in multiple geared bicycles, it is well distributed to several chains.

Other disadvantages are, it has only a single gear so bikers are expected to pedal harder. Gears might loosen up or might slip; the only option is to chain it tighter. Lastly, only one brake lever is featured.

Use of single speed bicycles has its pros and cons but the most important thing to remember is that, safety should always come first. There should be responsible bikers to prevent unnecessary injuries and accidents.

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