“I would walk 500 miles” – The Proclaimers – Every have days where it felt like you did?

On your feet all day and feel like you’ve walked 500 miles? If you have a job where you stand and walk, you know you have felt that way before, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can do about it. Whether you’re a dock worker who wears work boots all day or a nurse in desperate need of something comfortable as you walk the halls nonstop all shift long. There’s got to be a way to find something that will keep your feet in some kind of comfort and not leave them sore and hurting like they do now.ECO FRIENDLY

When you get your free time to do you work and help in a eco-friendly environment and aid in keeping things in your area green, you’re feet by the end of the week are so worn down you don’t feel like doing anything that involves standing or walking. How are you supposed to pitch in and help at the fundraiser to bring recycling to your area, or the roadside cleanup project when at the end of the week you can barely walk you’re feet are so sore.

One thing you might want to do is take a look at a list of work boot reviews, or get some information on walking shoes for nurses. It’s time to find shoes for work that fit perfectly like Cinderella’s glass slipper and find comfort that will take you through your work week and beyond. There’s a shoe out there for you and it’s up to you to make it your duty to find it. There’s no reason you should have to suffer through another day in pain while you do your job and are constantly walking and standing and there’s no relief in sight. Well now there is.

You’re going to work better when you’re not being constantly reminded that you’re in pain from all the work you do in uncomfortable shoes. The weekend is here and you’ve got projects to do that are important, eco-friendly, and help keep your community green that you were one of the first to sign up for you were so excited. It’s an activity that keeping the environment at its best that has become a big part of your free time. From recycling to volunteering at fundraisers centered on helping keep the world green, you try to be a part of.

Well, no more missing out on your favorite environmental activities from sore feet throughout the work week. No more dreading each day of work every time you slip your work shoes on each morning. Take the time and invest in finding a good pair of shoes that can help make your work days easier and more comfortable. This will open you up to a better weekend or whatever you invest your time in when you don’t have to worry about your feet and the pain you used to suffer from in your old shoes. It’s time to refresh your shoes so you can be there walking and working to help refresh the environment.

Become a Resource

ECO FRIENDLYOur planet is the greatest resource that we have and it is degrading quickly. People are trying to do their parts but in the end it just may not be enough. Everyone should take this reasonability seriously. They should all recycle whenever possible, use energy efficient items when they can and do anything else they can think of to better our planet and out lives. The sad truth is, some people just don’t care. They figure by the time it all comes to a screeching halt it will no longer be their problem. Half of being eco-friendly is cleaning up after the messes that others leave behind.

There have been some extremely useful technological developments made in the field as of late. The invention of solar power is one of the single most important inventions of our time. The ability to harness the power of the sun, the cleanest energy that there is, in order to power anything, is incredible to say the least. There are also the energy efficient appliances and lights that are helping us along the way. New methods of recycling are always a good thing and so many more things that are taking us closer and closer to a cleaner planet.

What we need is more people working on the problem, trying to figure out what we need, how to reuse what has been considered unrecyclable and other various new developments that could change the world.  The problem is that there are so many bright minded young people who can’t afford to get into college. We are losing what could have been the greatest minds of our time to some financial difficulties. All because they don’t know that there are options available other than just student loans that not everyone can get and that take forever to pay back. No one wants to go into debt but we need those minds to help our planet, so thing outside the box.

There are some really easy scholarships to get online that could send you straight to a degree. If you are interested in helping the planet and think that you could be a real asset on the scientific front or any front at all, but can’t afford to go to college, just check out some of the scholarships that are available to you. They are put there so that bright young minds can use them to achieve their goals and get an education. GO GREEN

The government wants the members of its society to be productive, which is why they have scholarships and grants for college. They want people to succeed. They want smarter and more useful people in their country to help advance us on all of the different subjects and fronts. Think about it, if you could go to college for free, why wouldn’t you go? There is no reason not to take a look and give it a real try. So go look at the options and maybe someday soon you could be the Albert Einstein of our generation.

17 Cheap ways to Live a More Environmentally Friendly at home

Going green is the most common phrase we often hear from people in home, news, work place and almost everywhere. Though this has become a trend and talked by everyone, has anyone thought about how to achieve and live a more environmental friendly lifestyle more cost effectively? Most people might have a common misconception that environmental friendly means sacrificing too many things in life. No, it does not really mean that at all. Smart choices can definitely help you to achieve your goal of living an environmentally friendly life at your home.see some environmental house hold cleaning ideas http://www.nsen.ca/top-5-environmental-friendly-household-cleaning/

Here are 17 cheap ways to live a more environmentally friendly life at home.

  1. Use fluorescent bulbs instead of the normal yellow light bulbs. This not only saves energy, but also provides the most efficient way of managing and saving energy. Besides this, it emits very less radiation, hence it saves you from various diseases.
  2. The home pumps at your homes can pump out 2 times more greenhouse gas emissions as compared to the ‘energy star’ certified appliances can reduce emissions.
  3. Stop using plastic bags for whatever purpose. Make sure you carry your own cloth bag or paper bags for all purposes.
  4. Try to plant as many plants, bushes or trees as possible in and around your house. This is not only cheap but also a great way of cleaning the environment.
  5. Start using eco-friendly, bio-degradable and phosphate free cleaning products to prevent pollution.
  6. Eat organic food – they are not only cheap but also very healthy. Pesticides sprayed for hybrid vegetables and fruits can hard your body, so avoid eating those and use just the organically grown food.
  7. Improve your home’s energy efficiency by improving the insulation, installing weather stripping, upgrading windows or using a programmable thermostat. read more on echo friendly practices here
  8. You can use reusable towels instead of using paper towels in your kitchen.17 Cheap ways to Live a More Environmentally Friendly at home
  9. Reading newspaper online can save buying the paper newspapers.
  10. Planting indoor bushes and show plants can clear the air and help in better ventilation.
  11. Using reusable bags can help you save money. Never buy plastic bags or even paper bags when you go on shopping.
  12. With the increasing water scarcity almost every part of the world, there is a strong need to save water now. Save the rain water by collecting water in the barrel or using rain waster harvesting techniques.
  13. Put a hold on your dryer; instead use the outdoor drying techniques in your backyard. This will save more power.
  14. Always buy Energy star certified products and appliances for your home. It is available almost in every state of United States.
  15. Keep your lawn free from fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, then avoid using these too often. You can replace the expensive grass with your local creepy wild grass for a chance. You can trim them whenever possible with hand than using the lawn mower.
  16. If you are buying a house or renting it, consider the house in the biking distance to work in order to save fuel and support environmental friendly transport.
  17. Installing aerators and low flow showerheads in your bathroom can save water.

Top 10 Eco-friendly practices that you can begin at home

The terminologies like “go green”, “eco-friendly” have all become so popular that even children started speaking these words regularly. The word ‘eco-friendly’ is used with so many products, shown in so many advertisements, TV shows, etc. Does anyone really understand the true meaning of this terminology so that you can implement the best practices that lead to healthy living? Using eco-friendly products prevents contributions to water, air and soil pollution and are less toxic.

Here are top 10 eco-friendly practices that you can easily begin at home. You can achieve these by reducing, reusing, recycling, refusing and conserving.

  1. Reduce wastage

    Reduce wastageThere are many cases where people might buy things unnecessarily even if they do not need them at that time. Try to be more economical and buy those things that you need at the moment. Simplify your life as much as possible. Reduce your purchases and try to share things with others as much as possible. Not all used things are bad. Replace disposables like batteries, ink cartridges, etc and send them for recycling.

  2. Bulk purchases

    This is a more effective way of saving money if you buy in bulk. Avoid buying single use packs which not only costs more but also does not last long.

  3. Cook efficiently

    Do not waste too much while you are cooking. Make sure you use the ingredients efficiently. Do not discard the left over. You can keep them in the refrigerator and reuse it for the next day keeping in mind that the expiry date is not crossed.

  4. Reuse many items at home

    There are many things in your home that you can use more than once. Products like food, beverages, magazines, electronics, appliances, books, sports goods and many more can be easily reused. If you have many friends you can borrow or lend things and reuse them. Donate clothes, furniture and many other household items and reuse them till they wear out.

  5. Always buy durable items

    Many a times we look at the price or item we need and just buy them without thinking how long the item might last. Even if you pay higher price and buy good quality items that is still ok as they are more durable than buying cheap quality items which just look good but do not last long.Recycle bottles

  6. Recycle

    Many items like cans, plastics, glass, batteries, cell phones, papers are all reusable. Some items like clothes, furniture which are of good quality, electronics, books, and many more are all recyclable. You can even donate them to the charity if they do not look so great after you get them recycled. Read more on recycling http://ehs.columbia.edu/ReduceReuseRecycle.html

  7. Refuse to use products that create waste

    You may buy in bulk a quantity, which is a good habit. However, if you buy in bulk the things which do not last long, then it is a whole lot of waste. Hence, you need to avoid this habit and reduce wastage.

  8. Conserve energy

    Whether it is electricity or gas, energy is precious – whatever kind of energy it may be.

  9. Save water

    Never waste water, almost whole earth is getting short of water.

  10. Stop polluting

    Whether it is soil or water or air pollution, stop doing this to have a better life.