Going green doesn’t mean you have to pass on the latest technology, it can even help!

Earth's Continents Formed Out of LeavesSay you decide to take the family on a “Going Green” weekend camping. Living off the earth and sleeping under the stars. You’re particularly excited because you’re going to spend one of the days fishing and then eating fresh food you caught yourself. Now that’s going green. No fast food this weekend. This weekend is fresh food and clean green living. You didn’t know if it would affect your living green lifestyle that you bought a fish finder to help you locate your family’s dinner. Don’t worry, it didn’t. You’re still the one doing the old school rod and reel fishing with worms, you just have a little help in finding the fish that are out there for the eating. You did your preparation too by looking up the best fish finder reviews and think you’re set.

This weekend excursion has you prepared to spend it a green and eco-friendly manner. You’ve taken containers to recycle anything that you use that can be recycled and packed a prudent eco-friendly manner of which to live on your adventure. You’ve done all your research and you have your family packed and ready to go. Everyone is looking forward to it. Cellphones, tablets, and anything electronic gets left behind at home. You’re going to live as close to the earth as you can and have an eco-friendly weekend no matter what comes your way. Lucky for you, the weather is in your favor and its sunshine and warm days and cool nights in the forecast.

You get in the boat with your family and head out on the lake. You get your fish finder and are pleased with what you got. Going through all those reviews really helped and you learned that having a higher price didn’t always mean higher quality according to some of those reviews. Some of the cheaper fish finders actually turned out to work better for a lot of fishers out there so you decided to follow their advice and tried one out that was on the cheaper end but had the best feedback around.

Wouldn’t you know it the fish finder reviewers were right on the money! Once you found a spot to settle in on the lake the fish were practically jumping into the boat on their own. It did pay off to do a little research and plan out this green weekend. Everyone caught a fish that day and was stoked about having caught dinner the old fashioned way. You weren’t looking forward to cleaning them, but that’s the way to do things the right way. It’s go all the way or don’t go at all.

Dinner turned out to be excellent and the next day you cleaned up your campsite, gathered any recyclables that you had with you to dispose of at home and realized that the next stop on the green bus was to get a family garden started in the backyard. Organic food grown at home. At first you didn’t live a green lifestyle, but now that you were, you were learning it really was enjoyable and left you with a good feeling. That deserves a good pat on the back!

Become a Resource

ECO FRIENDLYOur planet is the greatest resource that we have and it is degrading quickly. People are trying to do their parts but in the end it just may not be enough. Everyone should take this reasonability seriously. They should all recycle whenever possible, use energy efficient items when they can and do anything else they can think of to better our planet and out lives. The sad truth is, some people just don’t care. They figure by the time it all comes to a screeching halt it will no longer be their problem. Half of being eco-friendly is cleaning up after the messes that others leave behind.

There have been some extremely useful technological developments made in the field as of late. The invention of solar power is one of the single most important inventions of our time. The ability to harness the power of the sun, the cleanest energy that there is, in order to power anything, is incredible to say the least. There are also the energy efficient appliances and lights that are helping us along the way. New methods of recycling are always a good thing and so many more things that are taking us closer and closer to a cleaner planet.

What we need is more people working on the problem, trying to figure out what we need, how to reuse what has been considered unrecyclable and other various new developments that could change the world.  The problem is that there are so many bright minded young people who can’t afford to get into college. We are losing what could have been the greatest minds of our time to some financial difficulties. All because they don’t know that there are options available other than just student loans that not everyone can get and that take forever to pay back. No one wants to go into debt but we need those minds to help our planet, so thing outside the box.

There are some really easy scholarships to get online that could send you straight to a degree. If you are interested in helping the planet and think that you could be a real asset on the scientific front or any front at all, but can’t afford to go to college, just check out some of the scholarships that are available to you. They are put there so that bright young minds can use them to achieve their goals and get an education. GO GREEN

The government wants the members of its society to be productive, which is why they have scholarships and grants for college. They want people to succeed. They want smarter and more useful people in their country to help advance us on all of the different subjects and fronts. Think about it, if you could go to college for free, why wouldn’t you go? There is no reason not to take a look and give it a real try. So go look at the options and maybe someday soon you could be the Albert Einstein of our generation.