Working with nature

ECO FRIENDLYMany people enjoy working in nature. Getting their hands dirty, playing in the muck and grime. There are many jobs that involve working in nature such as gardening, landscaping, tree trimming, stump pulling, forest rangers, and many more. The more you know about nature will help you with these type jobs. Knowing the necessary equipment needed for a job out in nature can be very confusing if you don’t know what type of equipment you will need for the job. Many people don’t know that the best chainsaw that is gas powered is the Husqvarna 435. Even though this is not necessarily the most eco-friendly chainsaw it is one of the best on the market for gas powered chainsaws and can handle many types of jobs.

Forest Rangers, stump pullers, tree trimmers and landscapers all need a great chainsaw, unfortunately most chainsaws aren’t viewed as eco-friendly. They help the environment by providing a way to remove dead limbs from trees and keep the tree from dying but they are all gas powered or run on electricity, which out in nature is not going to be provided. Gas powered is the most reliable chainsaw to have since you don’t need electricity to run it, but the use of gas doesn’t provide for a great green option when working in the yard.

Gardening is a great way to get out in nature and work with the plants and trees. To experience nature and all it’s beautiful colors. Gardening can be done eco-friendly by purchasing plants that were not grown with pesticides, and are potted in eco-friendly pots so the whole pot can be planted in the ground and is biodegradable. When you use biodegradable pots and no-pesticides to protect your plants you are contributing to environment by not releasing chemicals into the air and into your food or plants. This is a very eco-friendly job to have. Many people will support a green plant nursery more so than they will a non-green plant farm. So running a totally green plant farm is a great eco-friendly way to work with nature and be green at the same time.

Forest Rangers have a responsibility to nature to protect the plants and trees and animals. So they will make sure there are no fires stated, they will monitor the campers and picnic areas to make sure no one is feeding bears and other animals, and they will examine the forest to make sure no one is violating the laws of the forest and parks. Forest Rangers live a great eco-friendly lifestyle. They live in cabins and hike through the forest to monitor the grounds and animals. Many forest rangers have equipment that is not exactly eco-friendly but in order to do their job they need this equipment.

Having an eco-friendly career is a great way to help the environment and to make your mark on the world. Eco-friendly nature jobs are not only fun to have but also supports the green movement that has been making the world a better place for the past ten-twenty years. So when thinking about a career that can help the environment and make you a great income check out these options.


Environmentally Friendly Toys


With the recent attraction to environmentally friendly living many companies have been manufacturing eco-friendly products for your home, your office, and even your kids. Children love toys and with everything becoming eco-friendly, toys are no exception. Here is a list of some eco-friendly toys and where you can find them.


Trampolines are coming in eco-friendly options, search trampolines for sale on google to find options for eco-friendly ones. Some trampolines are spring less and some are made from recycled materials. You just have to do your research to find the best option for your family budget.

Tree Swings

There are a few options for eco-friendly tree swings. You can make your own out of ply wood and rope, or you can purchase one made out of eco-friendly materials from the store. They come in all different types of swings. Some are the bucket seats for babies, some are flat seats, and some are designed like animals. Whichever you choose make sure it’s made with recycled products.

Play Cabins

Play cabins can be made eco-friendly by purchasing building materials that are recyclable. There are many companies out there that make play cabins but if you want something unique you can draw up your own plans and build it yourself making it an activity you can do with your children.

Cars, boats, and airplanes

Every little boy loves cars, boats, and airplanes so when going for an eco-friendly option look for ones that are carved out of wood. Lots of people can whittle their own wooden toys but if your one of those that cannot then purchasing them is just as fine. Many sites online will have a large variety of cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes in many different sizes and colors that you can purchase for pretty reasonable prices.

Wooden blocks sets

Wooden blocks sets are another great option for eco-friendly toys. Boys love to build things and building blocks made of wood are a great way to stay eco-friendly and provide your child with endless amounts of building block fun.

Skuut hardwood toddler Bike

Bikes are every boys dream, they get the freedom of the road, the wind in their hair and the exercise from riding the bike. But the best eco-friendly bike is not one made of metal but one made of wood. The Skuut hardwood toddler bike is made of hardwood and has rubber wheels and an adjustable seat. It’s the perfect option for a bike for a little boy just starting out.

Mini kitchen sets

Mini kitchen sets are the perfect gift for little girls. They love playing house and the favorite part of any house is the kitchen. There are so many interesting things to do in a kitchen and for little girls it’s a wonderland. So when purchasing a kitchen set look for the eco-friendly ones that are made of real wood and natural paints.

These are just a few of the many options you have when providing your children with eco-friendly toys. Parenting can be a challenging thing but one thing that should not be challenging is providing your kids with eco-friendly toys to fuel their imagination and help you to continue to live a green lifestyle.

What is a hidden benefit of being environmentally conscious and friendly “green style?”

GOING GREEN PHOTONowadays it seems we’re coming together as a collective and realizing that we are combining our efforts from recycling to growing our own veggies and eating fresh food.  It all seems to be about working on environmentally being green from the inside out.

One way to be green is when it comes to researching things that you want more information with that you give your address too and then they send you a ton of mail  which a.) is non-recyclable and b.) just gets thrown out as it piles up.  So why not when you need information take to the information superhighway, the internet.  Be careful though, sometimes when you give out your information you are automatically put on a mailing list and will start receiving a bevy of unwanted mailings all trying to get your business when instead all you wanted was to ask a question or get a quote.

Take insurance for instance; auto, home, life, etc.  Searchers of information beware, you’re about to be swimming in a pool of envelopes within a week or less.  There’s an easy way to do it though, find sites that advertise that they can give you quotes online and immediately show you the information you’re looking for.

Life insurance is something that you might be looking into for instance.  There’s a site you can visit that will not only give you their latest rates just by entering what you’re looking for.  Another great thing that they can offer to cut back on unwanted mail, is saving you the time and mailbox space by getting quotes and rates to compare from other life insurance companies by doing it all for you.  So don’t even think of going down a list of numbers or sites one by one getting quotes and on mailing lists for each one you’re researching when you can click on the link above and get latest rates tailored to your age, say if you’re over 60.  GO GREEN PHOTO

So why not use such a service to be your one stop shop.  See what comparison rates are with other companies and other packages that could be offered.  It even sounds good and so much better than sitting down, getting on the phone just to be put on a mailing list that doesn’t even seem to have an end in sight.  They add up too, it gets to the point where you label it junk mail and toss it without even opening it to read anymore.  It’s all been said and quoted and will keep being said and quoted until you get it across to them that you don’t want to be on their mailing list anymore and to please take you off, or until you sign up with them.

Signing up with them could also put you in a new mailing group of more junk mail that you don’t even bother looking at anymore.  Just another non-environmentally pile of useless papers that build up.  So it’s time to jump on the internet and do your researches just be sure you know what you’re giving your address out for.  Most sites will let you know why they need it, but some don’t so be sure to check before you give all your information out.  It could save you from a houseful of unwanted mailings.



Stocks and the Environment




While not for all the right reasons, some people are doing a lot of environmentally friendly things just to save money like bringing their cans in or using energy efficient appliances. Those are good ways to save a few bucks but if you really want to make some money than there is another way. These days a lot of people are trying their hand at stock trading. It is a risk but when done correctly and with the right information and information from the right sources you can go far. There is never any real ability to predict these things but there are ways to guess more accurately as to what the outcome will be. A lot of people who don’t even know what they are doing are making a mint off of stocks. They have stock brokers and advisors to buy stock for them or tell them where to invest their money and when to pull out. They use a good amount of data about the companies and any information that they have to try to predict what will happen next. Like when a company has a new product coming out that is going to be successful the stock should rise. They use such methods and others to advise people as to where to buy and how much.

Knowing if you can trust a stock broker should not be a guess. There are sites like that have all of the information that you need to go into stocks with your eyes wide open. They review stock trading services to let you know who is the best at all of this, and who to listen to when it comes to trading. This is a great asset that you would do well to take advantage of when considering stock trading. Some people actually become so successful that it is all that they do, they trade stocks from home and have no need to work. That is, of course, the best case scenario. But to be successful you must also be well informed. The site also does different reviews. They review trading software and stock brokers for you as well.

Trading software has become more popular. They review different kinds so that you know which is safe to use and which just don’t work. If you go with a stock broker as many do, you would want to know exactly who you are dealing with. You would want to go to the best possible stock broker in order to get the best possible results. They review different brokers and give you their take on them so you can go into trading with your eyes wide open as it well should be.

With all of this information out there some people still try to do it with none of that information. They look at a few companies and wing it. This sometimes works out for them but it is not the safe way to go. If you have access to so much information on stocks, brokers and software, than why go into it all blind? This is a common mistake and one that, in this age of information and technology, should not be made. If you want to be a real success at anything in life you should always get all the information that you possibly can on the subject before you jump right in. with sites like this out there, there is no good reason for anyone to forgo research before making their choices to ensure that they make the right ones.

So just think, with all this useful information on how to make money money from the stock trade, just imagine how much you will really be able to give back to the environment!