At your next get together at your house, have an eco-friendly party – Go green!

ECO-FRIENDLY PARTYSo you like to throw get together parties at your house and you always have a theme. You like to do sports or movies or anything that’s big that you’re having the party for in the first place. For your next party, why not do it a little different. Set it up yourself and make it an eco-friendly theme and go green!

You can go green and eco-friendly from the food you serve to the decorations. For example, the food you serve can be locally grown and bought from your farmers market. That way you’re getting it freshly grown, chemical free, and don’t forget to bring your own bag when you pick up your goodies at the market. Try to come up with a theme for the food too, such as taking it up a notch and have food and drinks that are all organic based and if you really want to go hard, make sure everything has a little green in it. That will add a nice touch to a green theme. Use party supplies that you can reuse for another party later on. That’s right now you’re getting it.

When you deck your house out, choose from supplies for your party and you can bring out again and change up a little and recycle them for another get together. Also choose products for your party that are eco-friendly too. It’s a perfect time to show off you’re in the “green game” and your party can be recycled.

Visit your local dollar store and pick up reusable bags for your guests to use as placemats that they can take home after and reuse the next time they go shopping. The dollar store is a great place to browse for items that are eco-friendly to add to your party and are also budget friendly too. When the party is over, save what can be used again and then properly recycle that which can’t at your local recycle bin.

Another thing that you can do to add to your recycle theme is play music at your party from another era. Recycle some 80’s music, or tunes from the 70’s and go with that theme for your party. There are so many possibilities to make your party eco-friendly. Even to go as far as to ask each guest to bring something that can be recycled for another guest to use. Pass around what you don’t use, bring what doesn’t get used anymore and see what others bring and have your own swap meet.

All this can be done and gets the word out to your friends and family that you are serious about making recycling a part of your life and that you’ve found a way to do it and have fun. It can be a part of any basic theme and just adds a little twist to your sports get together or also to you past decade theme you have going. So at your next party, get the word out that eco-friendly can be eco-fun!

Working from home can help you live green!

GOING GREENLots of people are starting to live more green these days. Living green means to live without chemicals in your life, it can also mean cutting back on your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is what you expel into the world, the chemicals you use and the impact that you have on the environment. Most towns have a recycling program for its residents. This will help reduce the waste in the world but if the recycling plant uses chemicals to recycle the plastic, glass, and metal then they are just adding to the problem. Living a chemical free life can be very difficult for some people. People like to use many different products for their household cleaning needs and choosing the right one can be difficult if you don’t know the ingredients. Some companies cleaners are all-natural and those are the best ones to use if you’re living green.

Other ways to live green can be buy working at home. Most people get up and drive to work in there gas or diesel fueled vehicles which emits toxins into the air. One way to eliminate the toxins that you emit into the air is to work from home. One such job you can do working from home would be writing music for commercials. To do this all you need is a beat making program on your computer. If you’re very musically talented this is a career option that you can do from home. You can also do this for a website that has a low carbon footprint to sell your beats to clients. This prevents you from having to use your car to travel around and apply for commercial jobs.

Some other ways to live green and work from home would be growing vegetables and fruit for a farmers market. If you happen to have a large enough piece of land to grow vegetables and fruit in large scale then you can take them to a local farmers market and sell them to green organic eaters. Fresh grown vegetables are always a way to eat healthy and green. Farmers markets can be found in many different towns and cities. Most of them have a small co-op fee to sell there but the fee is definitely worth it if you have enough vegetables and fruits to sell and make a living.

Many people recycle trash into new and interesting things. Some interesting things that can be from recycled items is lawn ornaments, decorative art work, and wooden bird houses. People have made picnic tables from recycled pallets and they can be very decorative and useful. Many people like recycled products and it’s a very big market. This is something you can do at home in your shed that is a green alternative to working outside of the home. Crafts are a great way to be green and make an income. There are many different craft fairs all over the world where people go and sell their recycled stuff to customers who love recycled stuff. Furniture is a good way to recycle wood such as lumber that isn’t used or previously used or logs from fallen trees.

With all these options for living green by working at home you can be sure to eliminate your carbon footprint and reduce your waist going into the landfills. This is the perfect way to live green.

What is a hidden benefit of being environmentally conscious and friendly “green style?”

GOING GREEN PHOTONowadays it seems we’re coming together as a collective and realizing that we are combining our efforts from recycling to growing our own veggies and eating fresh food.  It all seems to be about working on environmentally being green from the inside out.

One way to be green is when it comes to researching things that you want more information with that you give your address too and then they send you a ton of mail  which a.) is non-recyclable and b.) just gets thrown out as it piles up.  So why not when you need information take to the information superhighway, the internet.  Be careful though, sometimes when you give out your information you are automatically put on a mailing list and will start receiving a bevy of unwanted mailings all trying to get your business when instead all you wanted was to ask a question or get a quote.

Take insurance for instance; auto, home, life, etc.  Searchers of information beware, you’re about to be swimming in a pool of envelopes within a week or less.  There’s an easy way to do it though, find sites that advertise that they can give you quotes online and immediately show you the information you’re looking for.

Life insurance is something that you might be looking into for instance.  There’s a site you can visit that will not only give you their latest rates just by entering what you’re looking for.  Another great thing that they can offer to cut back on unwanted mail, is saving you the time and mailbox space by getting quotes and rates to compare from other life insurance companies by doing it all for you.  So don’t even think of going down a list of numbers or sites one by one getting quotes and on mailing lists for each one you’re researching when you can click on the link above and get latest rates tailored to your age, say if you’re over 60.  GO GREEN PHOTO

So why not use such a service to be your one stop shop.  See what comparison rates are with other companies and other packages that could be offered.  It even sounds good and so much better than sitting down, getting on the phone just to be put on a mailing list that doesn’t even seem to have an end in sight.  They add up too, it gets to the point where you label it junk mail and toss it without even opening it to read anymore.  It’s all been said and quoted and will keep being said and quoted until you get it across to them that you don’t want to be on their mailing list anymore and to please take you off, or until you sign up with them.

Signing up with them could also put you in a new mailing group of more junk mail that you don’t even bother looking at anymore.  Just another non-environmentally pile of useless papers that build up.  So it’s time to jump on the internet and do your researches just be sure you know what you’re giving your address out for.  Most sites will let you know why they need it, but some don’t so be sure to check before you give all your information out.  It could save you from a houseful of unwanted mailings.



Top 10 Eco-friendly practices that you can begin at home

The terminologies like “go green”, “eco-friendly” have all become so popular that even children started speaking these words regularly. The word ‘eco-friendly’ is used with so many products, shown in so many advertisements, TV shows, etc. Does anyone really understand the true meaning of this terminology so that you can implement the best practices that lead to healthy living? Using eco-friendly products prevents contributions to water, air and soil pollution and are less toxic.

Here are top 10 eco-friendly practices that you can easily begin at home. You can achieve these by reducing, reusing, recycling, refusing and conserving.

  1. Reduce wastage

    Reduce wastageThere are many cases where people might buy things unnecessarily even if they do not need them at that time. Try to be more economical and buy those things that you need at the moment. Simplify your life as much as possible. Reduce your purchases and try to share things with others as much as possible. Not all used things are bad. Replace disposables like batteries, ink cartridges, etc and send them for recycling.

  2. Bulk purchases

    This is a more effective way of saving money if you buy in bulk. Avoid buying single use packs which not only costs more but also does not last long.

  3. Cook efficiently

    Do not waste too much while you are cooking. Make sure you use the ingredients efficiently. Do not discard the left over. You can keep them in the refrigerator and reuse it for the next day keeping in mind that the expiry date is not crossed.

  4. Reuse many items at home

    There are many things in your home that you can use more than once. Products like food, beverages, magazines, electronics, appliances, books, sports goods and many more can be easily reused. If you have many friends you can borrow or lend things and reuse them. Donate clothes, furniture and many other household items and reuse them till they wear out.

  5. Always buy durable items

    Many a times we look at the price or item we need and just buy them without thinking how long the item might last. Even if you pay higher price and buy good quality items that is still ok as they are more durable than buying cheap quality items which just look good but do not last long.Recycle bottles

  6. Recycle

    Many items like cans, plastics, glass, batteries, cell phones, papers are all reusable. Some items like clothes, furniture which are of good quality, electronics, books, and many more are all recyclable. You can even donate them to the charity if they do not look so great after you get them recycled. Read more on recycling

  7. Refuse to use products that create waste

    You may buy in bulk a quantity, which is a good habit. However, if you buy in bulk the things which do not last long, then it is a whole lot of waste. Hence, you need to avoid this habit and reduce wastage.

  8. Conserve energy

    Whether it is electricity or gas, energy is precious – whatever kind of energy it may be.

  9. Save water

    Never waste water, almost whole earth is getting short of water.

  10. Stop polluting

    Whether it is soil or water or air pollution, stop doing this to have a better life.