How Your Environment Can Drag Or Accelerate Healing After Liposuction

Weight issues; the one condition that seems to worry every Tom, Dick and Harry these days.  With the many life threatening diseases associated with weight gain, it makes perfect sense to watch your weight and be worried every time you add a pound or two. But it happens all the same. People still add weight. Sometimes as a result of poor eating habits and sometimes as a result if reasons beyond one’s control, like obesity. Either way, there is a good solution to getting rid of excess weight. A permanent solution so to speak. Liposuction.lipo surgery

How it works

The science beyond liposuction is a little bit complicated. In a nutshell, it involves removing excess fat deposits from specific areas like the trunk, neck, buttocks, hips, ankles and thighs. By the time one heals from the surgery, his or her body ends up with an appealing contour with healthy skin stretched over the areas where excess fat had been drained. But like any other surgery process, healing never happens overnight. In fact, one may have to put up with skin insensitivity for weeks or in some cases, months. Fortunately, there is something you can do to fasten up the healing process.

Stick to your dose

Your doctor will prescribe a dose for you to control the pain and of course fasten the healing process.  You may also have to use some compression garments which may be uncomfortable for some time. Stick to whatever your doctor recommends before you can explore other options.lipo 2

Watch your environment

Hard to imagine if there is any relationship between liposuction and the environment but there is. Fact is, a polluted environment slows down your immune system.  You must therefore stay in healthy, clean and unpolluted environment as you heal. You must also work out in a clean environment.

Watch your habits

Alcohol has the same effect as a bad environment. It slows down your immune system. With that in mind, keep off alcohol until you heal. Watch too how often you smoke. If possible, quit smoking until you heal. Click here for more information on the habits you have to watch as you heal after a liposuction surgery.

Rest a lot

This is often required after any surgical procedure. Simply rest as you doctor recommends, at least before you can start working out. While at it, remember to drink lots of water too. 8 to 10 glasses of water a day should be enough.

Go for regular check ups

This will keep your doctor up to breast with how you are doing. Do not wait until he or she calls you to find out how you are doing.  Doctors as you will find out, always have their diaries full. By the time yours decides to call, it may be too late.


Go  for the right surgeon

Not all  liposuction surgeons can guarantee you a safe surgical procedure. What’s more, liposculpture cost figures often vary from one practitioner to another. With that in mind, ensure that the surgeon you go for is experienced, if not skilled. Then find out how much they will charge you.