It’s allergy time with all the pollen and grass cutting around. Take care of it naturally.

NATURAL REMEDIESDuring the spring and summer, most of us suffer from a little bit of allergies and congestion, even colds brought on by triggers of the season. Higher than normal amounts of pollen in the air, to simply driving in your car with the window down past someone cutting their lawn can bring on anything from the sniffles to a full blown sneeze.

Don’t just up and go to the nearest drug store for an instant cure. Commercials are all over TV when there are good natural ways as well that they sell there as well. Such as organic herbal teas that help ease your symptoms. To hot and cold packs to help relieve pain and pressure in the chest. Sometimes all you need is a little Mother Nature to help with this instead of the first cold medication you see on a shelf as soon as you walk through the door.

You do your part to live an eco-friendly life and keep the environment green. Why not start with yourself and keeping yourself healthy using eco-friendly products and not the first chemical that says it will take it all away with a pill or a liquid dose of medication.

There are times when you need a little help from a medication, but it doesn’t have to be the first thing you grab. Try to take care of it in a natural way. Soothing teas and warm compresses on your chest can do just as well as a chemically manufactured cold relief product that usually has a few side effects that come along with that territory too.

Home remedies clear up chest congestion brought on by the season well and have been used over many years to help bring relief when you’re suffering from it. Don’t count out home remedies there are some good chest congestion cures you can look into. As a matter of fact you have most of what you need, if not all, at home right now. You’ll definitely want to try these remedies at home and see if you can stay away from jumping into the medications head first right away and try to relieve your symptoms in an eco-friendly, green way.

Try these remedies at home and you’ll be surprised when you see where you can get relief from, and not just a drug store. They have been tested over time and to some success too as they have been around for a long while to work on chest congestion and other issues before there were even all these shelves of cold and congestion medications.

Just looking at all the medications they have you’d think if they worked they’d stop making new ones, stronger ones, and faster ones. If just one worked that’d be all you needed now wouldn’t it? So before you go spending your cash on a commercialized possible medication to alleviate your congestion issue, try a home remedy and you just might surprise yourself and wonder why you didn’t try sooner as it was under your nose the whole time.