Top 5 Major Causes Of Low Water Pressure And How To Fix Them In An Eco Friendly Way

Low water pressure is a predominant problem in hotels, homes and other areas throughout the civilized world. This is of course frustrating, given that most jobs in the house can’t be undertaken without water.  Fortunately, fixing low water pressure problems is a downhill task. You only need to know the main causes of low water pressure, some of which are listed below:

Outdated and corroded plumbing

Outdated and corroded pipes are vulnerable to leakage problems. They are up there together with rust, as far as low pressure issues are concerned. To fix the problem, examine your pipes then replace them with eco friendly polypropylene pipes.


The size of your pipes can affect the pressure and flow of water.  The recommended pipe size for optimum pressure is anything between ½ inch and 1.27 centimeters. Pipes wider than this prescribed size hardly sustain high pressure levels, so consider replacing any pipe in your home than is wider than ½ inch in friendly plumbing

Pressure regulator

It is the prime gating mechanism responsible for controlling water flow throughout the house.  It is placed at a point where the main water line connects with the homes supply line. That means that improper setting of the pressure regulator or a mechanical fault can lead to significant decline in water pressure.

Master Shut-off Valve Problems

Your water meter is connected to a master shut off valve which can completely stop your water supply. If the valve screw gets slightly turned, you will notice some amount of pressure reduction. To fix the problem, check your valve and make sure that it is fully open. This will ensure that you get water at a normal pressure.

Clogged Aerator

It so happens that sometimes the pressure problem is localized and limited to a faucet. This means that the problem is at the aerator, which is supposed to prevent water splashing.  You don’t need experts to fix the problem. Simply remove the aerator then turn on the faucet. Then clean the aerator using a brush and a screw.

Your actions

Like most plumbing specialists will tell you, taking care of your environment starts with your actions.  On that note, focus first on saving energy and water. Then learn to regularly examine your plumbing system for leaky pipes. You can also consider using recycled ‘gray’ wastewater. As of your actions, use water only when you have to. Do not leave your taps running. In short, do not waste water.


Consider eco friendly plumbing services

It is as simple as going online and searching of eco friendly plumbing  specialists in your area. Note that there is a wide misconception that eco friendly companies are expensive. They are not expensive as most homeowners think. In any case, you can always request for free quotes from a number of companies and compare prices. By the time you are done, you will have realized the benefits that come along with eco friendly plumbing systems. You may even consider going for a complete overhaul and installing only eco friendly pipes and sewer systems.

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