The Ultimate 5 Ways to Go Green on Your Computer

One of the biggest energy consumers at home or at work are the computers. Hence, saving energy clearly means that you are trying to save some pocket money. However, we need to keep a check on the energy habits of laptops and desktops. So you must be able to answer the question yourself, how easy or difficult it is for you to go green. Going green has been quintessential these days in order to reduce environmental impact of using the computers.Read more tips on going green

Here are the 5 ultimate ways to go green with your computer or laptop.

  1. Turn off when not in use

    Best way to save energy with your computer is to turn it off when not in use. If you are not comfortable doing this every time, do it once in a day or at least once in a week. You can even use sleep mode.

  2. Always go for power management

    It is always advised to switch off your computers and other peripherals once you are done using them. You can also plug off the devices after using. However, not many like this idea. If not daily, you can practice doing this every week when you do not plan to use them. You can use sleep mode instead of completely shutting down your machine if you do not like the idea. You can also reduce the monitor resolution when using it. This saves more energy and reduces your eye strain caused by glaring.for more ideas for going green click here

  3. Be a smart printer

    Do not print unnecessary papers. Always print after thoroughly editing and proof reading your documents in order to avoid repeated printing. Learn to print on both the sides and use black ink instead of going for the color print. Recycle the ink cartridges, and papers once used. Keep paper records once you print, you may want to use them again in the future.The Ultimate 5 Ways to Go Green on Your Computer

  4. Extending your computer’s life

    Prolonging your computer usage can save more resources than buying a totally new computer. Besides this, you can keep on adding more RAM, bigger hard disk or even a high quality graphics card instead of changing your computer. You can also make sure that your computer is reused rather than sending it to scrap. Though your old computer may not be able to support video games with latest graphics card or not a good performer, you can still use it for many other home usage like checking emails, typing documents, taking prints, etc. Donate your old computer instead of trashing it.

  5. Buy computers which are ‘Energy Star’ rated

    Most of them prefer to buy ‘Energy Star’ rated computers. Do you know the reason why? If your computer meets Energy Star requirements, the energy saving and cost saving is pretty high. With these minimum power usage systems you can get higher efficiency as compared to the ordinary computers. You can also change the computer settings – like monitor settings, using sleep mode or standby, hard drive settings, hard disk sleep and many more can help you save energy.

If you follow these 5 rules, it is easy to save energy as well as save some pocket money for yourself.

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