Staying fit and being eco-friendly – the new way of life!

Zumba Love

Recent studies and research have shown that almost everything we do has a direct impact on the environment. It can be using hairspray, that contributes to the greenhouse effect, it can be driving your car to work, and thus producing pollution that has an effect on global warming, and it can be printing large amount of documents, which leads to trees being cut, leading to deforestation and numerous problems with our eco-system. In the past 10 years and more so recently people have started examining what they do on a daily basis, what effect it has on our environment and how we can decrease if not eliminate altogether the negative impact we, as humans, have on the planet Earth.

One of the solutions to protecting the environment, while also having numerous health benefits, is riding a bike, instead of a car, which has large gas emissions. While cycling can be a fun activity to do in your free time on the weekends, when the weather is beautiful, riding it every day to and from work, and to do various chores, it requires you to be fit and physically strong. This can be achieved in numerous ways, including going to the gym, but this takes time, so you need to find the ideal fitness program that can bring you to shape with minimum required time to be spent at the gym- and there is such a program, it’s Sumba! Zumba is a popular fitness program that is inspired by Latin American dances and in Colombian slang means – ‘to move fast’ and that describes the dance quite well. This fitness technique has swept through the world with phenomenal speed and all the fitness professionals try to incorporate it into their classes.

Zumba has been seen as a fitness dance that comprises effective movements for specific muscle groups that aid in weight loss. With the Latin music and simple dance steps, people often forget that they are performing an intensive workout, and enjoy themselves, which lets them workout for longer time and burn more calories. A typical Zumba lesson lasts for 60 minutes and includes various popular dances, including merengue, reggaeton, salsa, lambada, rumba and more. The Latin music chosen for the Zumba classes is ideal for cardio exercises, as it includes fast and slow rhythms, varying the intensity of the workout. Choosing the right shoes for the Zumba class is essential, as improper footwear will not only limit your movements, but can also lead to injury.

It is important to remember the following principles when choosing your Zumba shoes – avoid sneakers with a thick relief on the sole, shoes that have a very thin, worn out sole, especially old sneakers, shoes that limit the free mobility at the ankle and those that restrict fast movement. The best choice would be Zumba shoes designed especially for this kind of exercises, that are soft, flexible and take shape of your foot and provide support to your whole body. There are even special sneakers with a split sole, that ensure the freedom of movement and rotation of the body, without straining or putting excess pressure on the knees and hips.

Zumba is a great way to stay fit, have an excellent mood, and listen to great music. It is enjoyed by men and women of varying ages around the world and is an ideal form of an antidepressant at any time of the day! It will not only make you fit and able to handle using the bicycle to get everywhere, but you might never have to use your car again!



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